Bipolar Transistors


Product features:

  • Including High-Frequency transistor,Low-frequency transistor,General amplifier transistor,Swictching transistor
  • Plastic encapsulate,small size,light weight,suited for SMD high-speed prodction
  • The newwst SMD technoligy,excellent
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Product parameter:

  • Pcm:300
  • Ic:500
  • BVCBO:40
  • BVCEO:25
  • BVEBO:5
  • HFE MIN:120
  • HFE MAX:400
  • HFE VCE(V):1
  • HFE IC(mA):50
  • Vce(sat) (V):0.6
  • Vce(sat) Ic(mA):500
  • Vce(sat) IB(mA):50

Product application:

  • Various electronic circuits of switching,amplifier and driving

Terminal product:

  • LED power supply, car audio, inverter, TV, oscilloscope

Product recommendation: