Application of Discrete Devices in the Control Panel of 3D Printer

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Many people may have heard of 3D printing, and now many products are printed by 3D printers. In this issue, Heketai will show you the working principle of the magical 3D printer and the components used in the control panel.

3D printer is a cumulative manufacturing technology, it is a machine of rapid prototyping technology, and it is a digital model file. It uses special adhesive materials such as wax, powdered metal or plastic to print layers of adhesive materials to make three-dimensional objects.

3D printers play an important role in industrial product manufacturing, cultural and creative products, biomedicine, aerospace, jewelry, shoes, toys, creative DIY and other fields. Three-dimensional printing is usually realized by using digital technology material printer. Engineers model through computer modeling software, copy it to 3D printer through SD card, and then the printer can print them out after printing settings.

The working principle of a 3D printer is basically the same as that of a traditional printer, consisting of control components, mechanical components, print heads, consumables and media, and the printing principle is the same.

Usually, there is a core board in a 3D printer, which is the 3D printer control board, which is equivalent to the brain of the printer and the main controller. It is usually composed of MCU, LED lamp, resistor, inductor, capacitor, connector, USB interface, nozzle interface, fan interface, diode, triode MOS tube, power chip and so on.

(block diagram of common 3D printer control panel)

Taking the motor drive circuit as an example, discrete devices play the role of rectification and voltage stabilization. The following is a common schematic diagram of using diodes and triodes to realize one-way speed control of the motor.

(If you want to see more motor driving contents, you can see the application of Heketai discrete devices in DC motor driving board. : Cid=205 "article, which has a very detailed explanation).

In addition, the power management chip is also used in the power supply circuit. In the fan drive circuit, the diode plays a rectifying role. As a professional manufacturer of discrete devices with more than 30 years' experience, Heketai provides Schottky diodes, triodes, MOS tubes and power management chips for the control panel of 3D printers. The products are stable and reliable, and it is an ideal partner for 3D printer customers.

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