Application of dual N-channel hybrid MOS transistor 2N7002DW

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Double N-channel MOS transistor is a very common MOS device, which has many characteristics and functions and can play a key role in many circuits. In this issue, Heketai mainly introduces a very commonly used hybrid MOS transistor product, 2N7002DW, which can be used in power switches, signal amplifiers, oscillators and other applications.

Working principle of double n-channel MOS transistor

The common dual N MOS consists of two complementary N-channel MOS chips, one chip is used to control the current in the upper part and the other is used to control the current in the lower part. When working, the two chips work synchronously. Each chip only needs to control its own part of the current, so it has greater current capacity and can bear higher load. The two chips can be placed separately, which reduces the possibility of mutual interference and thermal coupling, improves the reliability and stability, and can achieve greater power control capability.

How does the dual N-channel MOS tube work? When the gate-source voltage is greater than the conduction voltage, both MOS transistors N1 and N2 are in the conduction state. At this time, the current in the circuit flows from the source of N1 to the drain of N2, and then returns to the drain of N1 from the source of N2. When the gate voltage is less than the cut-off voltage, both MOS transistors N1 and N2 are in the off state, and the current in the circuit is almost zero at this time.

2N7002DW produced by Heketai is an N+N channel hybrid MOS transistor with excellent performance parameters, including drain-source voltage of 60V, gate-source voltage of ±30V, continuous drain current of 0.3A, drain-source on-resistance of 1.9Ω, minimum gate threshold voltage of 1V, maximum gate threshold voltage of 2.5 V and dissipation power of 150mW.

2N7002DW can be used in electric tools, LCD TVs, electric bicycles, power supplies, security, motors and other applications. It has the characteristics of low on-resistance, low gate threshold voltage, low input capacitance and fast switching speed. 2N7002DW has stable voltage regulation ability, and can output continuous, stable and efficient voltage to the circuit. Heketai, a 2N7002DW product, is miniaturized in packaging form, which helps customers save PCB design space and has been applied to various popular electronic circuits by customers.

Application field of 2N7002DW

As a general MOS tube product, the 2N7002DW tube produced by Heketai has the characteristics of reliability, stability and miniaturization, and can be used in switching circuits, oscillators and other circuits, as well as in smart cameras, radios, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, AC/DC converters, inverters and power management products.

This is a double N-channel MOS switch circuit commonly used in products, and its working principle is as follows. The purpose of this circuit is to control the turn-on and turn-off of the lamp. It uses N+N channel mixed MOS tubes, diodes, LED lamps and so on. The gate input voltage VGS is brought to an appropriate positive voltage level to turn on the device, so the lamp is either turned on (V GS = +ve) or at a zero voltage level to turn off the device (V GS = 0V). If the resistive load of the lamp is to be replaced by inductive load, a freewheeling diode needs to be connected in parallel with the load to protect the MOS tube from any self-generated back electromotive force. When switching capacitive or inductive load with MOS transistor, it is necessary to protect MOS to prevent it from being damaged. The effect of driving capacitive load and inductive load is opposite.

The 2N7002DW tube produced by Heketai has been widely used in major electronic products, which is attributed to Heketai's strong product production capacity. Heketai has a rich product line and perfect supporting facilities, and its high-quality product quality and service have won the recognition of users and the market. Heketai's products are consistent in quality, stable and reliable, and it is a high-quality partner that our customers love.