Application of diode/transistor in intelligent door lock

time:2022-07-29 11:34:47  source:this site

This article mainly explains the application of diodes/transistors produced by Hecotai in hotel smart door locks. Hotel locks (ie hotel smart locks) use the whole process management to empower hotels, which greatly improves the efficiency of hotel check-in and room management. At present, the popularity of hotel locks has been relatively high, and hotels in many places have installed hotel locks, which not only facilitates the management and maintenance of the hotel, but also greatly improves the overall safety of the hotel.

Hotel smart lock functions include: main control module, antenna module, WIFI/BT/NB-IOT communication module, display, speaker, buzzer, indicator light, motor and driver, fingerprint collector, touch keyboard, NFC, etc.;

The discrete devices produced by Heketai have been widely used in hotel smart lock products, mainly in basic circuits to assist system function realization and low power consumption design.

The following figure is the lock block diagram of the hotel smart lock. Including:

B, power management circuit

C, power detection circuit

D. Anti-reverse circuit

E. Small signal controls four circuits. Next, the specific device selection of the four circuits is explained.