Application of discrete devices in LED products

time:2023-06-16 13:23:45  source:this site

LED lighting products are very common in our daily life, the following is a customer's production of LED table lamp products, this time Heke Tai with you familiar with the working principle of LED lighting products.

Many lighting products will use LED driver board to drive the product, LED driver board is composed of many components and circuits. Take the driver board of a customer as an example, the BOM on the board includes the main control MCU, diode, rectifier bridge, power management IC, capacitor, resistor, inductor, LED, RGB LED driver, etc.

Common LED driver board composition

LED driver board includes rectifier filter circuit, high frequency conversion circuit, sub-side rectifier filter circuit and control circuit four circuits.

The LED driver board can be divided into two categories: non-isolated type and isolated type, and the two schemes have advantages and disadvantages. Isolated driven LED lighting products are safer, because isolated power supply wide voltage performance is better, voltage adaptability is stronger. Non-isolated drives are relatively more efficient.

In terms of circuit structure design, most of the isolated solutions on the market are AC/DC flyback circuit solutions, relatively speaking, the circuit is more complex and the cost is higher. The non-isolated type mostly uses DC/DC booster or buck circuits, which are relatively simpler and less costly.

Non-isolated circuit structure

A customer's LED lights, the use of Hekotai rectifier bridge and absorption diode products.

Isolated circuit structure

In the use of isolated circuit design of LED lights, Hekotai rectifier bridge, RCD diode, secondary side rectifier diode, rectifier diode and protection diode products are also used.