Application of discrete devices in IGBT-driven power board

time:2023-08-11 15:30:48  source:this site

Discrete devices include diodes, triodes, MOS transistors, bridge stacks and other products. Their functions include switching, rectification, amplification, voltage stabilization and frequency mixing, and they are indispensable components on many electronic circuit boards. In this issue, Heketai mainly tells you that diodes, triodes and other products are widely used in IGBT-driven power boards.

The IGBT driver board is the intermediate link between the control system and the switching device, and undertakes the important task of receiving the control system signal and transmitting the signal, so as to ensure that the IGBT performs switching, protection and feedback the working state of the device.

Generally, the IGBT driving board is composed of IGBT driving chip, driving peripheral circuit, driving auxiliary power supply and connectors, etc. It often has the characteristics of high isolation voltage, full function and high driving power. It is simple and convenient for customers to use, and it is very convenient to build a complete electrical system.

If engineers want to make an IGBT driver board by themselves, the components they need include IGBT chip, PWM control chip, power management chip, inductor, resistor, capacitor, signal lamp, diode, diode and other products. The driving board includes logic processing circuit, DC/DC conversion circuit, power driving circuit, overvoltage protection circuit, feedback circuit, etc. Take the driving circuit as an example, its function is to amplify the pulse output by the single chip microcomputer, so as to drive IGBT and ensure the IGBT to work normally. The driving circuit plays a very important role. In this circuit, the amplification characteristics of triode are reflected.