Application of Discrete Devices in Wireless Charging

time:2023-09-08 16:38:14  source:this site

In our life, wireless charging products are becoming more and more popular, and many new products adopt wireless charging methods, making it more convenient for customers to use. Wireless charging is the use of electromagnetic induction to supply power to more and more devices. As an option of intelligent device charging, it brings new user experience to customers and is convenient for users to charge.

The so-called wireless charging mostly uses technologies such as power transmission induction charging and non-contact charging. There is no need for a power cord when charging, which can improve the safety and waterproof of the device. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, charging multiple devices at the same time, reducing contact, reducing wear and tear and being safer. Common wireless charging methods include electromagnetic induction, electric field coupling, magnetic resonance, and radio wave receiving. How does the wireless charging product work? What parts does it consist of? In this issue, Heketai tells you about the application of discrete device products in wireless charging.

Take a customer as an example, their wireless charging products include single chip microcomputer, capacitor, LED status indicator, diode, triode, MOS, ADC, operational amplifier, driver and wireless charging and transmitting chip. The application circuits of diodes and other products in wireless charging are as follows:

As a well-known professional supplier of discrete devices in China, Heketai provides switching diodes, Schottky diodes and triodes for wireless charging applications. The product quality is reliable and stable, and it is a quality partner of customers.

Application of Heketai Diode in Wireless Charging