Explanation of common schematic diagram of switching triode circuit for engineers

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Triode, as a very common semiconductor device for controlling current, can amplify a small signal into a signal with large amplitude, which is used as a contactless switch in many circuits.

Triode is the core component of electronic circuit. It is made of two close PN junctions on a semiconductor substrate. The two PN junctions divide the whole semiconductor into three parts: collector region, base region and emitter region. As a common triode, the switching triode has the same shape as the common triode, and it works in the cutoff region and saturation region, which is equivalent to the cut-off and conduction of the circuit.

Switching transistor can control the on-off of large current with small current, and is often used in switching power supply circuit, high-frequency oscillation circuit, analog-to-digital conversion circuit, driving circuit, pulse circuit and output circuit. In this issue, Heketai will familiarize you with several common switching triode circuits and explain their working principles and applications.

Schematic diagram of classic switching triode circuit

As shown in the figure, when A is at high level, transistor 1 is turned on, so the output point B is at low level, which is the same as the emitter level. Because B is at low level, transistor 2 is turned off and output C is at high level.

When a is low, transistor 1 is turned off, so the output point B is high; Because B is at high level, transistor 2 is turned on and output C is at low level.

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