Notifications of the Dragon Boat Festival in hottech

2018-06-15 07:07:51

"Up to five in May, the celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival"
Every Dragon Boat Festival, "eat" is always our topic of greatest concern.
Before the Dragon Boat Festival comes, we meet our favorite little partners.
The company's employee benefits are coming along with the holidays.
Together to the small partner's hand!


In the company, it is fragrant, happy and laughable. The thick rice dumplings are all over the street. All the Coco's small partners queued up to receive the Dragon Boat Festival welfare gift that the company prepared for everyone.


Come on, there's a zongzi collar.


The guys have already been lined up to wait for the dumplings

All the family members  will never fail.


  Although the gift is light, it contains the kindness and holiday wishes of hottech to every family member. No matter what city they are in, they are all family members who care about their families. Thank you for your hard work with the staff coming from hottech.