2018 new year Hottech debut

2018-03-08 01:45:48

Lucky dog
Dear customers and partners, Elcoteq family:
The new year's bells are getting closer and closer.
The dog on the stage sings!
Bearing the joy of harvest, full of beautiful longings.
In the past year,
He cotec and thank you for your support and accompany,
The future, he will be as in the past to Ketai electronics industry manufacturers to bring better the size of semiconductor devices and chip resistor and capacitor products and services, and more fun.
"Spring when the personnel date urges, the winter solstice sun again."
In 2018, he will kotai with higher requirements and standards,
Continue to self - improve and improve, continue to carry forward the spirit of "innovation, responsibility, dedication, dedication",
Move forward with a higher, faster, stronger goal.
In the coming year, the company will further improve its service level and management level, and add more package type semiconductor device production lines to meet more customers' needs.
In the same way, the quality of the product is strictly controlled, the qualified rate of the product is continuously improved and the cost is reduced.
Foreign, provide a full range of marketing channels, so that customers can find the components whenever and wherever possible cooltech the product series.
We will unite and build an unassailable core team!
Provide better service for you!
At the same time, we look forward to more communication, more cooperation and more cooperation with you. The road of Thanksgiving is accompanied by you all the way.
We are never alone on the way forward, because there is always a class of like-minded partners who are silently caring, supporting and encouraging us.
On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Guangdong cooltech Co. Ltd, to give you a pay New Year's call!!!
Wish you a happy new year, good health, family happiness, good luck in everything.
I believe I believe your company start time: February 26th, on the eleven official work