Shanghai Munich International Electronics Show

2018-03-17 01:56:25

Shanghai Munich International Electronics Show

14-16 March 2018

The three day Shanghai Munich exhibition is a perfect curtain

Exhibition number: E4.4338

The exhibition, Guangdong Ketai exhibited MOS tubes, diodes, transistors, resistors and capacitors in dozens of product specifications, models up to hundreds of thousands of. It can be applied to power, wearable digital products, household appliances, communication and electronics, automotive electronics, instrumentation, electronic toys, medical electronics, security electronics, Led lighting and other fields.

Elcoteq combined with superb technology, high-quality products and sincere service, to bring customers a new experience.


Home, outdoor, automotive electronics, video games, intelligent life, electronic components and computer products.

Mobile electronic devices, wearable products, electronic accessories, etc.

As an excellent enterprise, we have a first-class service team, focused, dedicated, professional, attentively service, fully understand the needs of each customer.

Hand handle to the customer to show the product, feel considerate service.

Timely communication with customers, according to their requirements to send detailed information, work efficiently!

The exhibition attracted a large number of business as in the past to domestic and foreign merchants to come to the show, Guangdong Ketai booth scene unpopular, huge crowds of people.
Thank you in front of the exhibition, your hard work, we will be getting better and better!

Thanks to all the way from the domestic and foreign customers and friends, thank you for always Elcoteq's concern and support, thanks!
With 26 years of practice of Ketai ingenuity, intention of making core geedom for you, continue to produce more high-quality packaging diode, MOS tube, transistor, IC and optical integrated circuit, a resistor and a capacitor based circuit for your service to solve problems, thousands of households willing to work with you hand in hand to move forward, to create a win-win situation!
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