SMIC plans to invest more than $10bn 12inch chip production line in Shanghai

2018-12-10 10:10:07

SMIC is building a 12-inch chip production line for the next generation of high-end telecommunications and consumer electronics in Shanghai, with a planned investment of more than $10 billion, which will make it the most technologically advanced chip manufacturing base in the country, the Shanghai municipal government said in a WeChat report on December 6.



Ying yong, deputy party secretary and mayor of Shanghai, pointed out that integrated circuits are important instruments of the state and are strategic, basic and leading industries of the state. Shanghai should take the initiative to serve the national strategy, take accelerating the development of integrated circuit industry as an important support point for the construction of science and innovation center and build an important focus of "made in Shanghai" brand, and strive to build the most complete, the most advanced technology, the most competitive integrated circuit industry system in China.
As the industrial base with the most concentrated integrated circuit industry, the most complete industrial chain and the highest comprehensive technology level in mainland China, the sales revenue of Shanghai integrated circuit industry has grown at a compound annual rate of 11.9% in the past seven years.
According to the latest statistical results released by the white paper on Shanghai integrated circuit industry in 2018, the sales revenue of Shanghai integrated circuit industry in 2017 reached 118.062 billion yuan, up 12.2% year on year. This is the fourth consecutive year of double-digit growth in the sales scale of Shanghai integrated circuit industry since 2014.
According to the latest planning, the development goal of Shanghai integrated circuit industry in 2020 is as follows:
· the industrial scale reaches 200 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 19%, accounting for no less than 20% of the national total.
· the design industry has accelerated the diversification and large-scale development, and its product design capability has entered the technical level of 10 nanometers and below, reaching the world-class level.
· the manufacturing industry strengthens the research and development of leading technologies. The research and development technology level reaches 5 nanometers, and the mass production technology level reaches 10-7 nanometers. The technological gap between the manufacturing industry and the international advanced technology will be shortened to a generation, and the featured technology will enter the international leading level.
· the packaging and testing industry has the ability of high-end sealing and testing, strengthens the linkage with the Yangtze river delta, and builds the collaborative network of the Yangtze river delta integrated circuit industry.
· the equipment and material industry has realized the group leapfrog development. The 28 nanometer immersion photolithography machine and 5 nanometer etching machine have preliminary industrialization capacity. The self-sufficiency rate of the local large production line exceeds 30%.
· application support industry should be oriented to 5G communication, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, intelligent application and other emerging cutting-edge technology fields, and carry out high-end chip and core IP layout.