General Purpose Rectifiers
Fast switch speed, long life, no contact, small volume, high reliability
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Rectifying current of electronic products


A semiconductor that converts alternating current energy into direct current energy. It consists of a PN junction with two terminals, positive and negative. In a circuit, current can only flow in from the positive side of the diode and out from the negative side

Type Hottech Type Picture Datasheet Package VRRM
DL4001 DL4001 MEFL 501301.11100
DL4002 DL4002 MEFL 1001301.11100
DL4003 DL4003 MEFL 2001301.11100
DL4004 DL4004 MEFL 4001301.11100
DL4005 DL4005 MEFL 6001301.11100
DL4006 DL4006 MEFL 8001301.11100
DL4007 DL4007 MEFL 10001301.11100
LM4001 LM4001 MINI-MEFL 501301.11100
LM4002 LM4002 MINI-MEFL 1001301.11100
LM4003 LM4003 MINI-MEFL 2001301.11100
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Type Picture Datasheet Package VRRMIFIFSMVFPD
General Purpose Rectifiers 图片 MEFL 501301.11100