Bridge Rectifiers
Small size, simple, can effectively save circuit space, high anti surge current capacity, ensure the stability of the product under load
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Application of power supply circuit for various electronic products


The inside is composed of four diodes with four leading pins. The negative connection point of two diodes is the positive pole of the full bridge DC output terminal, and the positive connection point of two diodes is the negative pole of the full bridge DC output, which is usually used for the AC to DC part of the power supply

Type Hottech Type Picture Datasheet Package VRRM
ABS10 ABS10 ABS 10000.8-1300.95
ABS2 ABS2 ABS 2000.8-1300.95
ABS4 ABS4 ABS 4000.8-1300.95
ABS6 ABS6 ABS 6000.8-1300.95
ABS8 ABS8 ABS 8000.8-1300.95
DB101S DB101S DBS 501501.1
DB102S DB102S DBS 1001501.1
DB103S DB103S DBS 2001501.1
DB104S DB104S DBS 4001501.1
DB105S DB105S DBS 6001501.1
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Type Picture Datasheet Package VRRMIFIFSMVF
Bridge Rectifiers 图片 ABS 10000.8-1300.95