With advanced trench technology, low RDS and grid potential, it has high input impedance, low noise, good thermal stability, simple manufacturing process and strong radiation resistance
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Used in switching power supply, input high impedance circuit


FET, abbreviated as FET, is conductive by most carriers, also known as unipolar transistor. It belongs to voltage controlled semiconductor device. It has the advantages of low input resistance, low noise, low power consumption, large dynamic range, easy integration, no secondary breakdown, wide safe working area, etc

Type Hottech Type Picture Datasheet Package Polarity
BSS123 BSS123 SOT-23 N-channel1000.17
AN10A07F HOAN10A07F SOT-23 N-channel1000.8
AN10H220L HOAN10H220L SOT-23 N-channel1001.6
AN10H700S HOAN10H700S SOT-23 N-channel1000.7
AN13H750S HOAN13H750S SOT-23 N-channel1301
AN24H11DS HOAN24H11DS SOT-23 N-channel2400.27
AN24H3D5L HOAN24H3D5L SOT-23 N-channel2400.48
AN30H4D0L HOAN30H4D0L SOT-23 N-channel3000.25
AN3310F HOAN3310F SOT-23 N-channel1000.1
AN3320F HOAN3320F SOT-23 N-channel2000.06
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Type Picture Datasheet Package PolarityVDSID
MOSFET 图片 SOT-23 N-channel1000.17