Types and functions of chip transistors

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Types of SMD transistors:

SMD transistors are divided into NPN type transistors and PNP type transistors according to their polarity;

According to the material, it is divided into: silicon triode and germanium triode;

According to the working frequency, it is divided into: low frequency triode and high frequency triode;

According to the power, it is divided into: low-power triode, medium-power triode, and high-power triode;

The most popular transistor packages of Hecotech are SOT-23 and SOT-89.

Among them, the hot-selling models in the SOT-23 package are S8050 SS8050 MMBT3904 MMBT5551 MMBT4401 MMBT2222A 2SC1815 2SC1623

BC847 BC807 BC846 S9012 S9014 S8550S S8550 MMBT3906 MMBT5401 MMBT4403 MMBT2907 MMBTA42 2SA812.

Popular models in SOT-89 package include PXT8050 D882 B772 2SD2150 2SA1213, etc.

SMD triodes are classified differently, and their performance and functions are also different. In the actual use of SMD triodes, appropriate choices should be made according to their own needs, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by wrong selection.

So what are the functions of the chip triode?

1. SMD transistors are often used in switching power supply circuits, high-frequency oscillation circuits, drive circuits, analog-to-digital conversion circuits, pulse circuits and output circuits, etc.;

2. When the voltage applied to the emitter junction of the SMD transistor is greater than the turn-on voltage of the PN junction, and the base current of the SMD transistor increases to a certain extent, the collector current will no longer increase with the increase of the base current, but is near a certain value and no longer changes;

3. SMD transistors and plug-in transistors have the same function, but the packaging of the transistors is different. The chip triode is smaller in appearance, saving space and eliminating manual plug-ins.

Due to the increasing market demand for SMD transistors, the models and specifications of SMD transistors are also increasing. In order to meet the market demand, Hoketech has introduced hundreds of advanced production equipment from home and abroad, using multiple wafers for one product. The advanced technology and the implementation of standardized production processes make the manufacturing process efficient, advanced and standardized, escort the products, and provide customers with reliable and stable high-quality products.