Quality system management: We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality system certification

We have the advanced international level of production line for packaging and testing semiconductor device

Engaged in the packaging and testing services of semiconductor discrete devices and integrated circuits

Manufacturing Equipment

Hottech has 328 advanced fully automated production equipment imported from abroad to improve production efficiency,reduce manufacturing costs and provide brand competitiveness.Excellent semiconductor component products are manufactured through standardized and streamlined processes.

Die Bonding Workshop

Advanced Equipment:

  • ● 'ASMLotus-E'
  • ● 'ASM838'
  • ● 'ASM830'
  • ● 'LDAB'
  • ● 'ASMLotus-R'
  • ● 'ASM830Plus'
  • Die Bonding Workshop

  • Wire Bonding Workshop

  • Molding Workshop

  • Forming workshop

  • Testing Workshop

Manufacturing Process

Integrated manufacturing process of die bonding, wire bonding, injection molding, molding, testing and packaging

Package Form

Hottech,certified as a national high-tech enterprise ,is a domestic professional enterprise in design,manufacturing and sale of semiconductor with around 30 years of industry experience.