Production Package

Shenzhen Hottech Electronics Co., Ltd. is a nationally certified high-tech enterprise that specializes in design and packaging test for semiconductor chip,manufacturing and production of chip resistor and other electronic components .

Advanced Equipment

"Shenzhen Hottech Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. It is a professional semiconductor manufacturer and service provider and a nationally certified high-tech enterprise. The factory has complete production equipment,500 of which are imported from abroad.The fully automated productivity is more than 50% higher than that of its peers."

  • Die Bonding Workshop

  • Wire Bonding Workshop

  • molding workshop

  • Forming workshop

  • Testing Workshop

Advanced Equipment

Heketai pursues exquisite manufacturing technology. The introduction of advanced equipment from abroad, the use of advanced technology of multiple wafer packaging for one product, and the implementation of standardized production processes, make the manufacturing process more efficient, advanced and standardize

  • Advanced Equipment

    AMS production facilities 70% of which are fully automated machines

  • Patent Technology

    Multiples wafers in one packing

  • Standard production

    We follow industrial standard process, ensuring the consistency and high reliability of products.

  • RoHS approved

    With RoHS and ISO certificates

Experiment Center

Shenzhen Hottech Electronics Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional enterprise that specilizes in design, manufacturing, and sales of semiconductor.
It is a nationally certified high-tech enterprise with more than 20 years experience. Hottech has a variety of experimental testing and
verification equipment to escort products and provide customers with reliable and stable high-quality products.

HTRB reverse withstand voltage reliability test More

ST simulated SMT tin effect test More

X-PAY wire bonding test More

KSI sonic layered scanning test More

TCT high and low temperature cycle test More

Qualification & Patents

It is our responsibility to care for the ecological environment and conserve natural resources. HOTTECH has passed ISO9001 and ROHS certification.
We will continuously identify and solve our own environmental problems,and actively participate in environmental protection activities
to improve the environment and environmental management system。

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