Selection guide | Hottech adopts SOT-23 packaged triode S9012.

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As a common electronic component product, triode is widely used and is an indispensable basic product for many electronic circuits. Triode, also called bipolar transistor or transistor, is a semiconductor device for controlling current. Its function is to amplify weak signals into electrical signals with large amplitude, which plays a great role in power amplification, current switching and control. Usually, triode is made of two PN junctions which are very close to each other on a semiconductor substrate. The two PN junctions divide the whole semiconductor into three parts, the middle part is the base region, and the two sides are the emitter region and the collector region. Triode is divided into NPN transistor, PNP transistor, Darlington transistor and digital transistor. In this issue, Hottech mainly introduces a very commonly used PNP transistor product S 9012, which can be used in current sources, RF amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switching circuits, modems, inverters, LED driving circuits and oscillators.

Characteristics of S9012

S9012 produced by Hottech is a PNP transistor, which can be used in low power amplifier and switch applications. It has the characteristics of high voltage capability and low static current consumption, and is a commonly used small signal amplifier.

S9012 has stable and powerful current amplification ability, which can provide stable and accurate current for the circuit and keep the circuit working and stable with high efficiency. Hottech's S9012 product is miniaturized in packaging form, which helps customers to save PCB design space. It has the characteristics of high performance, reliability and stability. The product has been applied in various electronic circuits by customers and is a reliable and high-quality product for customers.

Application field of S9012

As a general-purpose triode product, the S9012 triode produced by Hottech has the characteristics of fast response, reliability, stability and miniaturization, and can be used in switching circuits, LED driving circuits, current sources, RF amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, modems and oscillators. It can be seen in many common consumer products such as smart sweepers, smart door locks, smart cameras, set-top boxes, tablet computers, radios and so on.

Above, this is a circuit of S9012 triode controlling LED lamp. During the day, the light is strong, and the resistance of photosensitive resistor R1 is relatively low. The current mainly flows through R1, and the two triodes of Hottech are off, and the LED lamp is not lit. At night, the light is weak, the resistance of R1 increases, the two triodes are turned on, and the LED lights up.

Matters needing attention in using S9012

S9012 is a PNP transistor, which can be used in low power amplifier and switching applications. It has high voltage capability and low quiescent current consumption. Pay attention to maximum working voltage, static electricity, current, power and tube polarity when using.

1. When using HEKOTAI S9012 triode, ensure that the maximum working voltage does not exceed 40V, otherwise the tube may be damaged;

Second, when using S9012, it is necessary to protect the pin of the tube to avoid electrostatic damage to the triode;

Third, when using, pay attention to the current operating range in the circuit, and avoid exceeding the maximum rated current and power;

Four, engineers should pay attention to the polarity of the pipe when wiring and connecting, and the current flows in from the emitter E. During normal amplification, the emitter potential is the highest and the collector potential is the lowest.

Advantages of Hottech triode

Hottech has a rich product line and perfect supporting facilities, and its high-quality product quality and service have won the recognition of users and the market. Hottech's products are consistent in quality, stable and reliable, and the original quality and production capacity ensure the rapid delivery of customers' products. Hottech's triode has the advantages of low noise, miniaturization, low power consumption, large dynamic range, easy integration, no secondary breakdown and wide safe working area, and has become a strong competitor in the field of triode.

If you are interested in Hottech's S9012 triode, you can contact Hottech's customer service for consultation. At present, the factory is in stock.