Digital transistor MMUN2214 can be used in inverter, audio and video signal amplification and other fields.

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Digital transistors are transistors with resistors. Some have a resistor R1 in series at the base, and some have a resistor R2 in parallel between the base and the emitter. The resistor R1 and the resistor R2 can be matched in various ways. In this issue, Hottech introduces a digital transistor MMUN2214 with SOT-23 package, which can be used as a bipolar transistor with integrated base resistance. Its main functions are switching and signal amplification. Digital transistors can be used as high-frequency switches, analog signal control switches, digital signal conversion switches, audio and video signal switches and other fields.

Characteristics of digital transistor MMUN2214

This digital transistor produced by Hottech is made of NPN channel type and has good electrical characteristics. The collector base voltage is 50V, the collector emitter voltage is 50V, the emitter base voltage is -6~40 V, the collector current is 100mA, the minimum magnification is 80, the dissipation power is 246Mw, and the built-in resistance R1 is 10kΩ and R2 is 47kΩ. The weight of MMUN2214 is about 0.008g.. MMUN2214 has a very wide working frequency range, strong applicability and stable and reliable performance. MMUN2214 has low noise tolerance and can adapt to relatively high transient voltage and current. MMUN2214 has fast switching speed and small saturation voltage drop of collector and emitter. MMUN2214 has low power consumption, can be used in some energy-saving applications, and has good anti-interference ability.

Hottech's digital transistor MMUN2214 can help engineers simplify circuit design, reduce the space of circuit board and the number of components, and optimize product design and production costs.

This digital transistor is packaged in SOT-23. SOT-23 packaged products have very compact size, good heat dissipation performance, strong adaptability and wide application. Hottech's SOT23 packaging products are widely used in amplifiers, switches, voltage regulators, switching power supplies, operational amplifiers, inverters, audio and other major fields. SMT technology enables its pins to be directly soldered to the surface of the printed circuit board without going through holes, which simplifies the manufacturing process and improves the production efficiency.

Application of digital transistor MMUN2214

Digital transistor MMUN2214 can be used in battery management and inverter. MMUN2214 plays an important role in switching circuit, and can be used in intelligent energy controller, battery manager and so on. In the amplifier circuit, it can be used as a small signal amplifier to amplify the current signal, and it can also be used as an output driver. MMUN2214 has a low threshold voltage, which can be used in some situations where low-level control is needed. MMUN2214 has low noise tolerance and plays a great role in high-quality audio-video conversion.

In a word, MMUN2214 is a transistor with high efficiency, stability and good performance, which can be used in analog circuits and digital circuits. Its integrated function can greatly simplify the circuit design and improve the work efficiency and stability of electronic products, and it is a good choice for customers to purchase discrete devices.