Hybrid MOS transistor AO8804 can be used in switch circuit and LED driving circuit.

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MOS tube products are widely used in switching circuits, driving circuits and voltage stabilizing circuits. MOS transistors mainly include N-channel type, P-channel type and hybrid MOS. When selecting, the specific requirements of the circuit, such as voltage polarity, control mode, packaging form and power parameters, need to be considered, and different MOS applications may be different. In this issue, Hottech will explain to you a classic hybrid MOS transistor AO8804, which is widely used in switching circuits and LED driving circuits.

Characteristics of AO8804

This transistor is made of N+N channel. Its drain-source voltage is 20V, gate-source voltage is 12 V, continuous drain current is 8A, drain-source on-resistance is 0.013 ohm, minimum gate threshold voltage is 0.5V, maximum gate threshold voltage is 1V, and dissipation power is 1500mW. AO8804 has excellent electrical characteristics. It has ultra-low on-resistance (VDS = 20V, ID = 8A, RDS (ON) ≤ 13Ω @ VGS = 10V), very low gate charge, anti-static protection function, very advanced surface mount device technology and molded plastic shell, and is durable.

AO8804 is made of TSSOP-8 package, which is convenient to install, stable and reliable to use, and is a very common type of MOS package. TSSOP-8 packaging products have the advantages of high reliability, small package volume, low outline and dense number of pins.

It is precisely because of the above characteristics that AO8804 can help customers achieve higher device density, better thermal coupling and heat dissipation performance. AO8804 can provide excellent RDSON and gate charge for most low-power switches and loads. One of the advantages of this product is its fast switching speed, and it has great application value in situations that need to quickly switch circuit states, such as motor drive circuits and switching circuits. Hottech's products meet the requirements of RoHS and REACH products, and are powerful and reliable.

Application of AO8804

This product produced by Hottech is especially suitable for low-voltage application circuits. AO8804 can be used in electronic circuits that need high efficiency, low power consumption and fast response. As a low-voltage MOS tube product, its application scenarios include power supply, wearable electronic equipment, LED drive circuit, security monitoring equipment, routers, instrumentation and household appliances. In the power switch circuit, AO8804 has fast switching speed and short recovery time. By accurately controlling its on and off, the power circuit can be controlled and the power products can be protected. In the application of power supply circuit, AO8804 has the ability of stabilizing voltage, and its ability of quickly responding to load changes is strong. By adjusting the product's own characteristics, the output power supply voltage can be kept stable.

The above are the main parameters and application information of AO8804 MOS tube products produced by Hottech. Different application scenarios require different products, so as to maximize the value of the products and ensure the stability and reliability of the circuit. The specific application of MOS requires engineers to select the type according to the application and purpose of the product, and the selected working conditions and manufacturers may affect the product characteristics. It is recommended to refer to relevant technical documents, data sheets and application guides for specific applications to ensure that AO8804 can be used correctly and safely. Everyone should correctly select AO8804 MOS tubes, accurately measure product parameters, proofing, mass production, etc. after getting MOS, and constantly optimize the circuit.

It should be noted that the hybrid MOS transistor AO8804 is a low-voltage MOS after all. When designing the circuit, engineers should ensure that the voltage and current in the circuit do not exceed its maximum rated voltage and current limit to avoid damaging the device. The most suitable discrete device is the best. Welcome to consult Hottech.