What are the high-voltage MOS products produced by Hottech?

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MOS transistors can be divided into middle and low voltage MOS transistors and high voltage MOS transistors according to their withstand voltage. High voltage MOS also works based on the principle of field effect transistor, and the current between source and drain is adjusted by controlling the gate voltage. Compared with ordinary MOS tubes, high voltage MOS tubes can withstand higher voltage and current.

Generally, high-voltage MOS transistors have the characteristics of high voltage endurance, low on-resistance, low switching loss, high frequency and fast switching speed, and are used in inverters, adapters, frequency converters, servo drivers, motor drivers, PLC controllers, high-performance AC power supplies, pulse power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, frequency modulation, switching regulators, power factor correction devices, power converters, LED lighting, magnetic transformers, relays, dimmers, automobile ignition.

High-voltage MOS transistor can be used in load switch, motor drive and other applications, and plays the role of switching, voltage stabilization and amplification in the circuit. High-voltage MOS transistor is an indispensable component in the circuit, which can effectively improve the performance and work efficiency of electronic equipment.

As an original factory specializing in the production of MOS products, Hottech has invested heavily in the R&D and production of high-voltage MOS products. At present, Hottech can independently produce many kinds of packaged high-voltage MOS products, such as 4N80/6N80 products packaged with TO-220, HKTD4N50/HKTD4N65 packaged with TO-252, HKTE180N08 packaged with TO-263, and the use of. The high-voltage MOS produced by Hottech is stable, reliable and efficient. At present, it is adopted by many industry head customers and widely used in new energy, automobiles, home appliances and industrial control.

For example, 4N60, a high-voltage MOS transistor packaged with TO-220, is made of N-channel, with the maximum withstand voltage of 600V and the maximum drain current of 4A, which can be used in most high-voltage and high-current application scenarios. The drain-source on-resistance is 2.5 ohms. It has the characteristics of fast switching time, low grid charge, low on-state resistance and high avalanche breakdown. This high-power MOS is usually used at high speed, such as switching power supply application, PWM motor control, efficient DC-DC converter and bridge circuit.

HKTD4N65 produced by Hottech is a power MOS transistor made of N-channel. It has very good electrical properties, and the maximum withstand voltage reaches 650V, which can meet most product applications. The maximum gate-source voltage is ±30V, the maximum drain-source current is 4A, the drain-source on-resistance rds (on) is 2.22ω, the minimum gate threshold voltage is 2V, the maximum gate threshold voltage is 4V, and the maximum dissipation power is 23.1mW.

HKTE180N08 of Hottech is made of N-channel, which has good electrical characteristics. This product has ultra-low on-resistance and is very suitable for high-density battery applications. The maximum leakage current of this product can reach 180A, the dissipation power is 227W, and the weight is about 0.43 g. It is suitable for many high-current applications, such as high-current BMS and motor control scenarios. This product has excellent heat dissipation performance and reliability, and the switching speed of HKTE180N08 is fast, which is suitable for switching circuits and other applications.

Hottech, founded in 1992, is a high-tech innovative enterprise specializing in integrated circuit packaging and testing, discrete device research and development, packaging and testing manufacturing, terminal sales and service. The product line includes diode, triode, MOS tube, bridge reactor, rectifier tube, voltage regulator tube, power management IC, lithium battery protection IC, etc. The products are widely used in power supply, lighting, medical electronics, small household appliances, smart wear, electronic cigarettes, communication, security, instruments, industrial control, automotive electronics and other fields.