Digital triode DTC144EE can be used in smart TV and audio fields.

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As a kind of triode, Digital Transistor (English) is also called Bias ResistorTransistor. It is a triode with integrated resistance, which belongs to integrated circuit components and is also called band-stop triode. Internal resistance, often used as electronic switch, has the same function as inverter. The advantages of digital triode are high integration, eliminating the assembly of peripheral resistors, making it more convenient to use and reducing the cost of using resistors for customers. In this issue, Hottech recommends a small-signal digital triode DTC144EE, which can be used in audio amplification, smart TV and audio.

Characteristics of DTC144EE

This DTC144EE transistor produced by Hottech is made of NPN channel, which has good electrical characteristics. Its collector-base voltage is 50V, collector-emitter voltage is 50V, emitter-base voltage is -10~40V, collector current is 100mA, minimum amplification factor is 68 times, built-in resistance value (R1 and R2 are both 47KΩ) and power dissipation is 150mW. The bias resistor is composed of completely isolated thin film resistors to allow negative bias input. It has the characteristics of almost completely eliminating parasitic effects and can be operated only by setting on/off conditions, which can simplify the design of electronic products. The weight of DTC144EE triode is about 0.002 g, which is very light and suitable for portable electronic products, and the product power consumption is low, which is suitable for low-power equipment.

This product is packaged in SOT-523, which is a very small package. It is small in size and occupies a small space. It is suitable for electronic devices that require ultra-miniaturization, such as wearable devices, smart glasses, smart bracelets, smart headphones, atomizers, etc., and has applications in amplification, switches, voltage stabilizing circuits, etc.

Application of DTC144EE

This digital triode produced by Hottech has strong performance, low power consumption, stability and reliability. It can be used in audio and video amplification, smart small household appliances, televisions, stereos, wearables, atomizers and power supplies, and the products have been verified and recognized by many customers.

Taking smart TV products as an example, the following is the application scheme of a domestic manufacturer using digital triode DTC144EE on smart TV power board.

DTC144EE plays an amplification role in the scheme. By controlling the input signal, the transistor can amplify the current, thus enhancing the signal. Based on the principle that small current controls large current, DTC 144EE controls large collector current IC through small base current IB.

In different electronic products, the circuits are different, and the selection of triodes also has its own standards. Hottech reminds customers to choose different types of triodes according to the requirements of different circuits. There are many things to pay attention to when choosing triodes. There are many kinds of triodes with different uses. Proper and reasonable selection of triodes is the key to ensure the normal operation of the circuit. Pay attention to the performance, parameters and packaging, volume, brand and other factors of triodes.

Hottech's DTC144EE has very stable performance. Besides being used in TV power supply, it can be seen in many application fields. You can ask Hottech for sample testing, sample testing and mass production. Welcome to consult Hottech.