Hottech won the CIAS2024 Golden Ling Award for the most marketable product.

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On April 23-24, CIAS2024 Power Semiconductor New Energy Innovation and Development Conference was held in Suzhou. He Ketai was invited to participate in this conference. At the Golden Ling Award Ceremony, He Ketai won the "Most Marketable Product Award".

The "Golden Ling Award" aims to explore new technologies, new products and new applications that are forward-looking, innovative and leading and have a great impact on the power semiconductor industry in China. Since its opening, it has attracted extensive attention from the power semiconductor industry and downstream application enterprises. The innovative development of CIAS2024 power semiconductor new energy has attracted many top enterprises in the semiconductor industry chain to participate, involving the electric drive and electronic control industry of new energy vehicles, the optical storage and inverter industry, the compound semiconductor material industry, the power semiconductor industry, the packaging and testing industry, etc. More than 300+ industry guests attended the exhibition, attracting 5,000+visitors.

As a professional manufacturer of discrete devices, Hottech has been recognized for its technical achievements in power semiconductor devices and perfect customer service capabilities, and won the "Most Market-Powerful Product Award". Hottech's products in this election include power MOSHKTE120N15, HKTE150N15, HKTE110N20, IGBT single tube HKTH75N65EF7 and HKTH40N120DF7.

At present, China's power semiconductor industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. In terms of high-power devices, there is still much room for domestic enterprises to improve their market share. Hottech is increasing its investment in high-power semiconductor devices to achieve breakthroughs in products and technologies. In the future, Hottech will continue to give full play to its service advantages and deep-rooted product capability in the discrete device industry, continue to provide high-quality semiconductor products to customers around the world, and contribute to the semiconductor industry and the sustainable development of green energy in China.

Hottech, founded in 1992, is a high-tech innovative enterprise specializing in integrated circuit packaging and testing, discrete device research and development, packaging and testing manufacturing, terminal sales and service. The product line includes diode, triode, MOSFET, bridge reactor, rectifier, power management IC, lithium battery protection IC, etc. The products are widely used in power supply, lighting, medical electronics, small household appliances, smart wear, electronic cigarettes, communication, security, instruments, industrial control, automotive electronics and other fields. Hottech factory is located in Puxin Lake, Tangxia, Dongguan, covering an area of more than 15,000 square meters, mainly engaged in packaging, testing and OEM of integrated circuits and discrete devices. As the main production base, the current production line has nearly 1000 sets of production equipment, and the factory has advanced laboratories. In 2023, the company's annual production capacity will exceed 10 billion pieces.

Hottech has accumulated rich core technologies in circuit design, semiconductor device and process design, reliability design, etc., and has a number of national invention patents and utility model patents, etc. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and other system certifications and continued training.