NMOS tube HKTG50N03 can be used in BMS, LED driving, fast charging and power supply.

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In our real life, there are too many places where MOS tubes can be used. MOS transistors are also divided into NMOS and PMOS, and their characteristics and applications are slightly different.

N-channel MOSFET has many advantages, such as strong current driving ability, fast switching speed and low noise, and is widely used in many digital circuits, analog circuits and power electronics applications, including logic gates, amplifiers, switching power supplies and driving circuits. The MOS tube made of N-channel consists of a P-type substrate and two high-concentration P diffusion regions, and when the tube is turned on, an N-type conductive channel is formed between the two high-concentration N diffusion regions. In this issue, Hottech introduces a MOS transistor HKTG50N03 made of N-channel to familiarize you with the characteristics and applications of this product.

Characteristics of HKTG50N03

This product has good electrical characteristics, its drain-source voltage is 30V, the gate-source voltage is ±20V, the continuous drain current is 50A, the drain-source on-resistance is 0.0068 ohm, the minimum gate threshold voltage is 1V, the maximum gate threshold voltage is 3V, and the power dissipation is 37Mw. The maximum continuous drain current it can withstand is 50A, which is very useful for high-current resistant application scenarios, and is suitable for high-current application scenarios. It has low on-resistance and low product dissipation power, and is suitable for energy-saving and environmental protection application scenarios. This product has a fast switching speed and can be used in switching circuits.

Hottech MOS transistor product has the characteristics of low on-resistance, fast Z-switching speed, easy-to-design driving circuit and easy Z-parallelism, which is very suitable for motor driving and LED driving.

HKTG50N03 is packaged in PDFN5X6. This product is small and compact, which can reduce the occupied space of the circuit board, facilitate the layout and installation of the circuit board, and the reliability and stability of the product are also very good. PDFN5X6 package has five pins, three of which are used to connect the source, gate and drain, and the other two are used to connect the source and drain. This package design can provide higher current density and lower thermal resistance.

Application of HKTG50N03

It is this product that has the characteristics of small volume, high density and thinness, so it can meet the requirements of miniaturization and lightweight of customers. Products are highly consistent, ensuring consistency in mass production. Products are widely used in mobile communication, 5G, Internet of Things, battery protection, load switch, BMS, uninterruptible power supply, energy storage and other fields. In the application of small household appliances, such as humidifiers, beauty instruments, lighting products, atomizers, aromatherapy machines, juicers and other applications, HKTG50N03 can be seen.

HKTG50N03 products can be used for fast charging products. Take the application of NMOS products in 35W fast charging products as an example. Usually, the low-grade requirement for N-MOS transistor is 30V 30V/ 20A/10mΩ/ PDFN3333. The N-MOS transistor packages that Hottech can use for VBUS switches are PDFN5X6 and PDFN3333. HKTQ 503 products can meet the requirements of the circuit. In this circuit, the powerful switching characteristics of HKTG50N03 products are fully utilized to ensure the stable operation and safety of the circuit.

In addition, HKTG50N03 products can also play a role in LED driving circuit and motor driving, such as motor driving circuit of small household appliances, HKTG50N03 products can adjust the circuit voltage and ensure the voltage stability of the products.

With the increasing market demand for high current and high efficiency switches, HKTG50N03, a discrete device with high current capability, has many uses. In a word, HKTG50N03 product is a stable, safe and powerful MOS product, and its switching ability, voltage regulation ability, efficient working ability and stable and reliable current control ability are promising.