Ultra-fast recovery diode ES1GF can be used in switching power supply, LED lighting and inverter applications.

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As we all know, the main function of diode is rectification and switching. Ultrafast recovery diode is a kind of semiconductor diode with good switching characteristics and short reverse recovery time. It is often used to rectify the switching devices of high-frequency inverter, such as freewheeling, absorption, clamping, isolation, output and input, so as to give full play to the functions of switching devices. This kind of diode is a key component in high frequency circuit. In this issue, Hottrch will explain the application of ultra-fast recovery diode ES1GF.

Characteristics of ES1GF

This ES1GF product produced by Hottrch has good electrical characteristics, such as low back pressure leakage current, glass passivation structure, high forward surge current capability, low forward voltage drop, ultra-fast recovery time, high working efficiency, and surface mounting form of the whole machine. The forward voltage drop of ES1GF is lower than 1V, which helps to reduce energy consumption and improve the working efficiency of the circuit. This product has DC reverse voltage of 400V, forward current 1A, forward surge current 30A, reverse current 5A, direct voltage 1A, and reverse recovery time of 35nS.

This product adopts a very miniaturized SMAF package, which is suitable for small electronic products. The weight of the whole machine is about 0.027 g, which is very small and thin. It has the advantages of small size, excellent performance and high reliability. It is a commonly used high-frequency diode and is suitable for high-frequency circuits and radio communication systems. SMAF package diode usually adopts frame welding process, which has high reliability and carries large current. The bottom plane design has the characteristics of efficient heat dissipation. SMAF patch diode has low forward voltage drop and fast switching characteristics, which is suitable for high-performance circuit design.

Application of ES1GF

As a high-frequency diode, ES1GF products have excellent performance, high reliability and fast switching recovery time. ES1GF can withstand the reverse voltage of up to 400 volts and remain stable and reliable in high-voltage environment. It is often used in various high-frequency circuits, such as switching power supply, charger, adapter, LED, household appliances, inverters and industrial equipment.

In the high-frequency rectifier circuit, the ultra-fast recovery diode is usually used in the secondary circuit of high-frequency power switching transformer to form the high-frequency rectifier circuit, which requires higher output current. For example, switching power supply is a power supply that uses high-frequency pulse signal to control the turn-on time of electronic switch to realize voltage stabilization. High-frequency rectifier is one of its important components, which usually consists of rectifier bridge, filter, electronic device, motor, lamps, etc. Its function is to convert AC power supply into required DC signal and provide power for various electronic devices. ES1GF is also often used in computers, routers and other devices to process the input power to ensure the stability of power supply. ES1GF products are used in LED lighting, industrial control equipment, electric products and other fields.

In a word, ES1GF is a stable and commonly used diode, which plays a key role in many rectifier circuits. At the same time, its high-efficiency working ability makes it play an important role in high-efficiency electronic systems, and its fast response and high-efficiency conversion characteristics play a key role in optimizing the performance of electronic components.

Ultra-fast recovery diode has applications in high-frequency inverter welding machine, high-frequency switching electroplating power supply, high-frequency high-efficiency switching power supply, high-frequency fast charging power supply, etc. ES1GF produced by Hottrch has stable and reliable performance and excellent quality, which can meet customers' requirements for high quality.