PNP transistor TIP32A can be used in audio amplifier, motor driver and power supply.

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Triode, also known as bipolar transistor, is a kind of semiconductor device to control current. It mainly amplifies weak signals into electrical signals with large amplitude, and switching and amplification are its main functions in the circuit. Triode can amplify current, and PN junction plays a key role. Its working principle is related to three working states: cut-off, amplification and saturation. Triode has important applications in both analog and digital circuits. In this issue, Heketai recommended a medium and high power amplifier transistor TIP32A, which has been widely used in computer power supply, communication, household appliances, power amplifiers, audio amplifiers and other fields.

Characteristics of TIP32A

Whether a triode works well or not depends on its performance. In terms of electrical characteristics, this transistor has excellent performance. Its collector-base voltage is -100V, collector-emitter voltage is -100V, emitter-base voltage is -5V, collector current is -3A, minimum magnification is 10, maximum magnification is 50, and power dissipation is 2 W.. TIP32A has the advantages of high power handling capacity, high withstand voltage capacity, strong amplification performance, high temperature working capacity, good heat dissipation performance, stable physical and chemical properties, strong stability and reliability, and wide application range.

In terms of physical characteristics, as a medium-high power transistor, PNP triode TIP32A adopts an in-line package form, which has good heat dissipation performance, effectively dissipates heat and improves the heat dissipation effect of components. Convenient installation, the pin arrangement of TO220 package structure is linear, which is convenient for welding and plugging. Good reliability, the pin is connected with the circuit board of electronic equipment by welding, which has more reliable and stable quality. It is made of molded plastic and weighs about 2.30 grams. This product is firm in structure, usually able to bear large current and voltage and high stress, and its hardness and strength are very good. Widely used in power amplifiers, switching power supplies and other products that need to carry a certain voltage and current.

Application of TIP32A

This product produced by Heketai can be used in computer power supply, communication power supply, household appliances, power amplifiers, audio amplifiers, motor drivers, intelligent door locks, switching devices and switching power supplies, linear switching applications and other scenarios.

For example, in the power module, TIP32A uses its own amplification characteristics to convert voltage and current to provide stable power output, and in the motor driver, it amplifies power to provide a high-power output driving circuit. TIP32A products provide high stability, high power and high magnification for circuits in practical electronic product applications, and are quality products purchased by many customers.

Because this triode is PNP triode, it is composed of two P-type semiconductors with an N-type semiconductor sandwiched between them, and the current flows in from the emitter E. Customers should pay attention to the polarity connection when using it. PNP is a common cathode, that is, the N junction of two PN junctions is connected as the base, and the other two P junctions are the collector and emitter respectively, as shown in the following figure.

In addition, we should pay attention to the fact that the transistor should not be at the maximum current and voltage, and it should not be allowed to work at the maximum power, otherwise it will burn out.