Ultra-fast recovery diode ES1JL can be used in pulse modulation and frequency converter applications.

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Ultra-fast recovery diode has the characteristics of good switching characteristics and short reverse recovery time, and is used as a switch and rectifier device in switching power supply, PWM pulse width modulator and frequency converter. In this issue, Heketai introduces an ultra-fast recovery diode ES1JL, which has many applications in rectifier and switching circuits.

This ES1JL diode produced by Heketai has good electrical characteristics, such as ultra-fast recovery time, large current, high surge current resistance, low forward voltage drop, glass passivation structure, high efficiency and low reverse leakage current. The maximum DC reverse voltage this product can withstand is 600V, the maximum forward current 1A, forward surge current 30A, reverse current 5μA, direct voltage 1V, and reverse recovery time 35nS. Weighing about 0.0155g, it is very light and suitable for many miniaturized applications.

As an ultra-fast recovery diode, ES1JL adopts a very miniaturized SOD-123FL package, which has the characteristics of good high-frequency characteristics, small size and high reliability, can carry large-capacity current, and the bottom plane design has efficient heat dissipation, which is suitable for portable applications with limited circuit board space.

ES1JL diode has excellent performance and high reliability. It is often widely used in various high-frequency circuits and radio communication systems, such as transceivers and power amplifiers. ES1JL is often used as a rectifier in switching power supply, especially in high frequency and high current environment, its fast switching characteristics can effectively reduce energy loss and improve conversion efficiency. In solar inverter or vehicle inverter, ES1JL is used to convert direct current into alternating current. Its ultra-fast recovery time is helpful to improve the response speed and stability of the inverter and ensure the efficiency and reliability of electric energy conversion. On electric two-wheeled vehicles, ES1JL is widely used in electric car charger because of its super-fast recovery ability and high current tolerance. Adapters and chargers for notebook computers and portable devices are promising.

As a very common diode, ES1JF diode plays an important role in many circuits. Such as high-frequency inverter welding machine, high-frequency switching electroplating power supply, high-frequency efficient switching power supply, high-frequency fast charging power supply, high-frequency frequency frequency conversion device and power factor correction device. ES1JF produced by Heketai has stable and reliable performance, which is a good choice for you to improve the product performance.