Application of Diodes in LED Products

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A diode is a semiconductor device composed of a PN structure, that is, a PN junction plus one or two electrode leads are made into a die, and it is packaged with a tube shell. The lead wire of the P-type region is called the positive electrode or anode, and the lead wire of the N-type region is called the negative electrode or cathode.

There are two kinds of ordinary diodes: silicon tube or germanium tube. Their forward conduction voltage (PN junction voltage) is quite different. The germanium tube is 0.2~0.3V, and the silicon tube is 0.6~0.7V.

Heketai products are widely used in LED products, mainly providing bridge stacks, diodes and triodes and other products and services for LED lighting applications. Hoketech integrates packaging, testing and production into one, escorting LED lighting applications to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

There are two types of specific application schemes: isolated and non-isolated. Next, let's take a look at the non-isolated solution:

The products used in the non-isolated medium scheme are:

The isolated application scheme is shown in the following figure:

The products used in the isolated medium scheme are: