Application of discrete devices in electronic atomizer products

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As a compact electronic product, electronic atomizer products have special requirements for product structure and miniaturization. Its structure is not complicated. Many electronic atomizers in the market are composed of PCBA board, rechargeable lithium battery, electronic heating system, filter tip, cigarette oil, etc. Among them, the charging part and PCBA will use discrete devices and chips. In this issue, Hottech mainly explains the application of discrete devices in electronic atomizer products, and familiarizes everyone with the internal structure and working principle of electronic atomizer.

Circuit structure block diagram of electronic atomizer

The electronic atomizer is powered by the battery, and the current is regulated through the circuit board, and then output to the atomizer, where it reaches the heating wire through two electrode columns. At this time, the tobacco oil leads the tobacco oil in the oil storage bin to the heating wire through the cotton capillary principle, and the heating wire heats the tobacco oil in the atomizing bin to atomize the tobacco oil. When the air duct is pumped, the gas enters from the air inlet and is pumped out together with the smoke through the atomizing bin.

The circuit part of electronic cigarette usually consists of control circuit, atomizing head, LED, lithium battery, airflow monitor and so on. When smoking, the main control chip can monitor the air flow and control the heating atomizing head to emit simulated smoke. When there is no air flow inside the body, the chip enters the standby state.

In electronic atomizer products, discrete devices are mainly used in charging management circuit, driving circuit, switching circuit and booster circuit. The products used in these circuits include switching diode, Schottky diode, triode, LDO, charging management IC, charging protection IC, MOS tube and so on.

Take the charging management circuit of an electronic atomizer used by a customer as an example, and its circuit structure diagram is as follows!

DW01 series circuit is a high-precision overcharge and overdischarge protection circuit for a single rechargeable lithium battery, which integrates high-precision overvoltage charging and voltage discharge protection and overcurrent discharge protection.

In the normal state, the terminal voltage of VDD of DW01 is between the overvoltage charging protection threshold (VOC) and overvoltage discharging protection threshold (VOD), and the terminal voltage of VM detection is between the charger detection voltage (VCHG) and the overcurrent discharging protection threshold (VEDI). At this time, both the COUT terminal and the DOUT terminal of DW01 output high levels, so that the external charging control N-MOS transistor Q1 and the discharging control N-MOS transistor Q2 are respectively turned on. At this time, the battery can be charged by the charger or discharged by the load.

DW01 performs overcharge/discharge protection by detecting the terminal voltage of VDD or VM (relative to VSS terminal). When the charge/discharge protection condition occurs, COUT/DOUT changes from high level to low level, and Q1/Q2 changes from on to off, thus the charge/discharge process stops. DW01 has corresponding recovery conditions for each protection state. When the recovery conditions are met, COUT/DOUT is at a high level, which makes Q1/Q2 turn from off to on, thus entering the normal state. DW01 sets a certain delay time for each protection/recovery condition, and only after the protection/recovery condition lasts for the corresponding time will the corresponding protection/recovery be carried out. If the protection/recovery condition is eliminated before the corresponding delay time, the protection/recovery state is not entered.

In addition, discrete devices can also be used in the switch, drive, step-up and step-down circuits of electronic atomizer products (no examples will be given in this issue).

Application of Hottech Discrete Devices in Electronic Atomizer Products

As a professional manufacturer who has been deeply involved in the field of discrete devices for more than 30 years, Hottech can provide customers with products with stable, reliable, safe and highly competitive market. The discrete device products independently produced by Hottech can meet the needs of electronic atomizer manufacturers for components and other products. The products that Hottech can use in electronic atomizer products include 1N4148WS encapsulated by SOD-323, BAT54 encapsulated by SOT-23 and S8550 encapsulated by SOT-323.