Application of Discrete Devices in Security Products

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Some people say that the more developed the social economy, the greater the demand for security, which is still justified. In life, there are many security products. As a kind of equipment to provide prevention and protection, security products can play a role in protecting the owner. Common security products include cameras, monitors, alarms, smart door locks, access cards, anti-static and other protective products.

The function of security products is self-evident. Common security products are composed of camera display part, interface part, sensing part and processing system, as shown in the following figure:

What role do discrete devices play in security products? He Ketai concluded that there are mainly three types, the first is switch, the second is circuit protection, and the third is small signal amplification. Nowadays, there are more and more security products on the market, and the diversification of product functions brings challenges to product design. The requirements of customers for product size are getting smaller and smaller, the application scenarios of products are increasing, and the requirements for product safety are higher. The demand for protection devices of security products is greatly increased.

Hottech took stock of several discrete devices used in security products, including surge protection devices, such as TVS diodes and switching element surge protection circuit devices.

In general, how can security equipment protect products? Take the surge protection system of security products as an example, which is usually composed of secondary or tertiary protection circuits. Here, we need to use the protection characteristics of Hottech discrete devices to realize reliable protection of equipment.

This circuit will be used in many security products. Take the one-button on-off circuit as an example, and use one button to realize on-off and other functions, such as the power-on key in the mobile phone. Hottech's diode (1N5817), triode (S8050), MOS tube (A03401) and other products are all used. About the working principle of this circuit, Hottech will not elaborate here.

Taking a customer's security product smart door lock as an example, the smart lock function consists of main control module, antenna module, WIFI/BT/NB-IOT communication module, display, speaker, buzzer, indicator light, motor and driver, fingerprint collector, touch keyboard, NFC, etc. The discrete devices produced by Hottech have been widely used in the products. Hottech products are mainly used in power management and detection circuits, anti-reflection circuits and small signal control circuits.

Application of Hottechai products in security

Hottech's products used in security products include diodes, triodes and MOS tubes, etc. The products are stable, reliable and safe, which meet the mainstream security design and meet customers' low power consumption and environmental protection needs. The products applied to security products are as follows: