Product recommendation | Hottech adopts SOT-23 encapsulated P-channel MOS transistor SI2301.

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As one of the electronic components that engineers often encounter, MOS tube has a wide range of applications. MOS, also called metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, has three poles, G(gate) and S(source) /D(drain). The source and drain of MOS transistor can be switched, and they are both N-type regions formed in P-type backgate. In most cases, the two regions are the same, and even if the two ends are switched, the performance of the device will not be affected. There are P-type MOS transistors, N-type MOS transistors, super-junction MOS, hybrid MOS and high-voltage MOS. In this issue, Hottech mainly introduces a very commonly used P-channel MOS transistor SI2301 with SOT-23 package, which has the characteristics of low on-resistance, low turn-on voltage and high switching speed, and can be used in switching circuits, LED driving circuits and battery management systems.

Characteristics of SI2301 pipe

The working principle of PMOS is based on field effect, and its conductivity is controlled by gate voltage. When the gate voltage is negative, the on-resistance of PMOS is very small, and current can flow through PMOS. SI2301 produced by Hottech is a P-channel MOS transistor, which has stable and powerful voltage control ability and can provide stable voltage for the circuit. Hottech's package form of this SI2301 product is miniaturized, which helps customers save PCB design space and has the characteristics of high performance, reliability and stability.

Application field of SI2301 pipe

As a common MOS tube product, the SI2301 tube produced by Hottech has many applications, including power management, battery management, LED lighting, DC-DC converter, motor control and other fields. In power management, SI2301 tube can be used for battery protection to prevent overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit. In LED lighting, it can be used to control the brightness and color of LED lamps. In motor control, it can be used to control the start and stop of the motor.

Take the one-button switch circuit as an example. This circuit is widely used in logic gates, sequential circuits, counters and other circuits in digital circuits to realize logic operation and signal processing, and can also be used in signal switches, analog switches, amplifier circuits and other fields in analog circuits. One-key switch circuit can also be used for intelligent door locks, monitors, emergency lights, intelligent speakers and so on.

(One-button on-off circuit)

In a word, SI2301 tube is a tube with stable performance and strong processing ability. Its remarkable characteristics are low voltage control ability and relatively low drain-source on-resistance, and it is also an application field for processing relatively medium and low voltages in suitable scenes. Engineers can purchase according to their own circuit requirements and application fields, and the most suitable discrete device products are the most friendly to the circuit.