The MOS tube HKTE180N08 with TO-263 package can be used in BMS and motor control field.

time:2024-03-29 11:28:54  source:this site

High-power MOS usually has the characteristics of withstanding high voltage and carrying large current, and plays an important role in high-power application scenarios such as trams, energy storage power stations and photovoltaics. In this issue, Hottech introduces an N-channel MOS tube HKTE180N08 with TO-263 package, which can be used in BMS and motor control fields.

Characteristics of n-channel MOS transistor HKTE180N08

HKTE180N08 of Hottech is made of N-channel, which has good electrical characteristics. Its drain-source voltage is 85V, its gate-source voltage is ±20V, its continuous drain current is 180A, its drain-source on-resistance is 2.4mΩ, its minimum gate threshold voltage is 2.3V, its maximum gate threshold voltage is 4V, and its power dissipation is 227W. This product has ultra-low on-resistance and is very suitable for high-density battery applications. Lithium-ion batteries rely on highly robust protection circuits to reduce the heat generated during charging and discharging and improve the safety of products. These circuits must have the characteristics of low power consumption and high density packaging, and they need small and light MOS tubes that can provide low on-resistance. HKTE180N08 just has such product characteristics.

The maximum leakage current of this product can reach 180A, the dissipation power is 227W, and the weight is about 0.43 g. It is suitable for many high-current applications, such as high-current BMS and motor control scenarios. This product has excellent heat dissipation performance and reliability, and the switching speed of HKTE180N08 is fast, which is suitable for switching circuits and other applications. This product is packaged in TO-263, which is widely used in high-power electronic equipment and power management. Its main feature is that it supports extremely high current and voltage. HKTE180N08 is suitable for many high current and high voltage scenarios.

Application of n-channel MOS transistor

As a high-power MOS tube product, HKTE180N08 can be used in BMS and motor control, communication power supply, AC/DC fast charger, UPS and photovoltaic micro-inverter. HKTE180N08 has good leakage current performance, and it has great advantages in high current application scenarios. In terms of battery power supply and motor load application requirements, this product gives full play to its low on-resistance and high current characteristics, and the product is stable and reliable. Taking the application of 48V battery as an example, Hottech HKTE180N08 products play a protective role in the circuit.

In a word, HKTE180N08 is a MOS product with low on-resistance, high switching speed, good stability, excellent heat dissipation, high reliability and low turn-on voltage. As a brand specializing in the field of discrete devices for many years, the MOS tubes produced by Hottech are widely used and the products are stable. This HKTE180N08 product has excellent product characteristics. Welcome to inquire.