What are the application fields of Hoeetch HKTQ80N03 MOS tube?

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MOS tubes include N-channel MOS and P-channel MOS, etc. N-channel MOS is to make two N+ regions with high doping concentration on a P-type silicon substrate with low doping concentration, and lead out two electrodes with metal aluminum as drain D and source S respectively. Then, a thin silicon dioxide insulating layer is covered on the surface of the semiconductor, and an aluminum electrode is installed on the insulating layer between the drain and the source as the gate G.. An electrode B is also led out on the substrate, which constitutes an N-channel enhanced MOS tube. In this issue, Hoeetch introduces an N-channel MOS transistor HKTQ80N03, which can be used in switching circuits and motor drives.

Characteristics of HKTQ80N03

This product has good electrical characteristics (VDS = 30V, RDS (ON) ≤ 5.2MΩ @ VGS = 10V, ID = 20A), its drain-source voltage is 30V, its gate-source voltage is 10V, its continuous drain current is 80A, its drain-source on-resistance is 0.0052Ohm, its minimum gate threshold voltage is 1V, its maximum gate threshold voltage is 2.5V, and its dissipation power is 37mW. HKTQ80N03 has very low on-resistance and low dissipation power, which is very suitable for low-power applications, load switching applications, and very large continuous drain current, and is suitable for DC-DC converter applications.

HKTQ80N03 adopts the packaging technology of PDFN3333, which is surface-mounted on the whole machine. This product is very small and thin, which is very suitable for electronic design with small volume and meets the design requirements of miniaturization, functional systematization and modular packaging of many end customers. HKTQ80N03 products have good heat dissipation performance, and the products have excellent thermal conductivity, electrical properties and mechanical strength.

Application of HKTQ80N03

HKTQ80N03 produced by Hoeetch has the characteristics of stability, reliability, low power consumption and fast switching speed, and can be used in power supply, BMS, motor drive, load switch, power amplifier and charger, etc. The product has the functions of switching, regulating voltage and current, signal amplification and circuit protection in the circuit.

Taking 35W fast charging and other applications as an example, HKTQ80N03 tubes have been widely used in these products. For example, in the 35W fast charging products of NMOS products, the low-grade requirements for N-MOS transistors are usually 30V 30V/ 20A/10mΩ/ PDFN3333, and the N-MOS transistors that Hoeetch  can use for VBUS switches are PDFN5X6 and PDFN333, and HKTQ503 and HKTQ50N03 can meet the requirements.

The main function of the battery management system is to realize the intelligent management and maintenance of battery cells, and to supervise the battery state through state monitoring and abnormal fault protection. On the protection board of lithium battery, the main function of MOS tube is to detect overcharge, overcurrent during charging and discharging, overcurrent during short circuit, etc. NMOS products are widely used in battery management systems. NMOS can be used as the main switch of battery pack. At the same time, NMOS type is also used for high-end switch through charge pump. In the battery management system, the switching characteristics of MOSFET are usually used to control the main circuit of battery external power supply to be cut off and closed. In some uninterrupted power supply scenarios, it is necessary for the battery management system to keep the on-state of MOSFET unchanged and maintain its original state during the restart or upgrade of microcontroller. The N-MOS tube packages that Hoeetch  can use in the battery management system are PDFN5X6 and PDFN3333, and HKTQ 5003 and HKTQ80N03 can meet the requirements.

The applications of N-channel MOS transistors include low-voltage devices, such as full-bridge and B6-bridge arrangement using motor and DC power supply, which is helpful to reverse switch the negative power supply of motor. N-channel MOS transistors work in saturation region and cutoff region, and they are like a switching circuit. These MOS transistors are used to switch the LAMP projector or LED ON/OFF. N-channel MOS transistor is very suitable for high current applications, and it is also widely used in motor drives and electric vehicle controllers, and the two products of Hoeetch  HKTQ5003 and HKTQ80N03 can meet the requirements.