High voltage MOS transistor 4N60 can be used in switching power supply, adapter and motor driver.

time:2024-04-26 11:32:51  source:this site

High-voltage MOS transistor usually needs a large gate voltage, so that MOS transistor can withstand high voltage and high current. The characteristics of high-voltage MOS tube, such as wide channel area, large drain area and special gate technology, make it able to withstand high voltage. High-voltage MOS transistor can be used in high-voltage circuit, which has high voltage endurance and low switching loss, so it has been widely used in high-voltage circuit. In this issue, Hottech introduces a classic and commonly used high-voltage MOS transistor 4N60, which has been widely used in switching power supplies, switching regulators and motor drivers.

Characteristics of 4N60

Hottech 4N60 high-voltage MOS transistor has good electrical characteristics, its drain-source voltage is 600V, its gate-source voltage is 30V, its continuous drain current is 4A, its drain-source on-resistance is 2.5 ohms, its minimum gate threshold voltage is 2V, its maximum gate threshold voltage is 4V, and its dissipation power is 106mW. It has the characteristics of low charge, low reverse transmission capacitance and fast switching speed.

This product adopts TO-220 package, and the product adopts in-line package form, which is stable and reliable. The product adopts TO standardized shape and pin arrangement, and the advanced technology is convenient for manufacturers to use in packaging, which improves the interchangeability and substitution of components. It also has the characteristics of compact surface mount packaging, small volume, easy integration, easy installation and good heat dissipation performance.

Application of 4N60

As a high voltage MOSFET, 4N60 has better product characteristics, such as fast switching time, low gate charge, low on-state resistance, high rugged avalanche and durability, which play an important role in switches and voltage stabilizing circuits. 4N60 can work stably under relatively high voltage, which is very important for high voltage applications. MOS transistors with this power are usually used in switching power supply, PWM motor control, switching converters, efficient DC-DC converters, switching regulators, motor drivers, relay drivers and bridge circuits.

For example, in products such as high-voltage hair dryers and smart pressure cookers used in smart home appliances, the drain-source breakdown voltage of this product is as high as 600V, and the forward current is 4 A. It has the characteristics of high-temperature working ability, high efficiency, stability, wide temperature range and safety, which makes it promising in such high-voltage applications and plays a key role in specific switching circuits and motor driving circuits. In the application of switching power supply, 4N60 can withstand higher voltage and has smaller on-resistance, so it can play an efficient switching and voltage stabilizing role in high-voltage switching power supply.

In many industrial applications, 4N60MOS tubes have been widely used in power supply circuits, new energy storage, photovoltaic, battery cars, smart household appliances, LED lighting, motor drives, inverters, adapters, industrial control equipment and other fields, and the products have been recognized by our customers.