Application case of Hottche discrete device products in neck massage instrument products

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When we are tired at work, if there is a neck massager product to massage your neck, your fatigue will soon disappear. As a fast-moving electronic product, the neck massager is what its working principle is and what components are made up of. This article will take you familiar with those things in the neck massager.

Working principle of neck massage instrument products

The mainstream neck massager products in the market stimulate the human body through the circuit to achieve the massage effect. Its working principle is as follows: using vibration technology, the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy through the vibration motor, which is conducted by the massage head to relieve the tension and fatigue of the neck muscles. When the current passes through the circuit board, the circuit board controls the vibration motor to start working. The vibration motor converts electric energy into vibration force and generates vibration. The vibration generated by the vibration motor is transmitted through the massage head. The stroke and frequency of the massage head form a massage function. The massage head runs and presses on the skin surface of the neck, and the generated vibration stimulates the skin and deep muscles of the neck, thus relieving muscle fatigue and improving blood circulation.

The product is controlled by single chip microcomputer, and several modulation pulses are synthesized by circuit, then modulated into low-frequency carrier wave, and then the low-frequency pulse current is output to the rubber electrode through the amplifier circuit, and the muscle and nerve endings in the muscle are directly stimulated by the electrode sheet, so as to achieve the effect of relaxing the neck muscles and relieving the pain of the cervical vertebra.

Pulse current massage instrument generates and conducts low-frequency pulse current by controlling inductance metal sheet, and uses these currents to stimulate neck muscles, thus relieving neck pain. This product generally adopts neck-hanging design, and simulates massage techniques such as kneading, massage and acupuncture by synthesizing different bands.

The neck massage instrument mainly realizes its function through two working principles: low-frequency pulse current and physical massage.

1. The neck massage instrument based on the principle of low-frequency pulse current contacts the skin through the electrode sheet, and uses low-voltage pulse current to act on nerves or muscles, so as to promote local blood circulation, improve muscle state and relieve acute and chronic pain. The frequency and band of low-frequency pulse current stimulate the muscles to contract, and then relax the muscles, resulting in a crisp and numb current feeling. This type of massager may also be combined with hot compress function to improve the blood circulation of the neck, reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, and relieve the tension and pain of cervical muscles.

2. Physical massage mainly simulates massage, kneading, squeezing and other techniques by rotating the massage head or massage contact, and acts on the muscle surface. The massage instrument of this principle imitates the human hand by combining the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine in a mechanical way, and all kinds of massage techniques are realistic to realize muscle relaxation. The advantage of physical massage lies in the higher acceptance of strength experience and other aspects, which can be used by most people. The effect of relieving pain is obvious, and you can feel relaxed after massage.

Generally speaking, the neck massager is combined with different working principles to provide a more comprehensive neck relaxation and pain relief effect.

Composition of neck massage instrument products

The common product scheme of neck massage instrument based on single chip microcomputer is based on electromagnetic vibration, which is mainly composed of iron core, coil, vibrating spring and massage head. When the coil on the fixed iron core is connected with alternating current, an alternating magnetic field is generated. Under the action of magnetic field force and vibrating spring, the massage head vibrates repeatedly to change the vibration intensity. One is to change the iron core gap or current intensity, and the other is to change the vibration frequency.

The products of neck massager are composed of main control chip, functional module, sensor, pulse electrode, buzzer, booster constant current pulse circuit, vibration motor, massage head, shell and so on.

The circuits of discrete devices needed for neck massager products include motor drive circuit, charging management circuit, booster circuit and rectifier circuit, etc. Hottche's neck massager products include diode SS24/1N5819/1N4148, triode product MMBT5551/S8050, MOS transistor SI2302, LDO1117, battery charging management chip TC4056, etc.