Bridge stack MB2F can be used in power supply and LED driving applications.

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As a common discrete device product, the bridge stack is an electronic component composed of four diodes, whose main function is to convert alternating current into direct current, mainly providing the required power for electronic equipment. When selecting the bridge stack, the parameters such as the rectifier current and the highest reverse peak voltage need to be considered to ensure its applicability in specific applications. In addition, the packaging form and pin marking method of the bridge stack are also factors to be considered when selecting. A good bridge reactor product is very important to improve the stability of the circuit. In this issue, Hottech introduces a commonly used bridge reactor product MB2F, which can be used in applications such as motor drive, charger, security equipment and power supply.

Characteristics of MB2F

This product has good electrical characteristics. Its DC reverse voltage is 200V, forward current is 0.5/0.8/1A, forward surge current is 25A, reverse current is 5μA, and direct voltage is 1/1.1/1.1V.. It weighs about 0.13 grams. MB2F has the characteristics of small occupied space, low forward voltage drop, low reverse voltage, low leakage current, high forward surge capacity, high temperature welding, glass passivation mold structure, high forward surge current capacity, and small surface mount device.

Hottech MB2F is packaged by MB-F, a small surface mount technology, which is a thin patch rectifier bridge stack, and its main function is rectification and circuit protection. MB2F has stable and reliable product characteristics. Its product structure usually includes three parts: main body, contacts and seals. The main body is the main structure of the package, providing necessary mechanical strength and electrical connection. Contacts are the key parts used to realize circuit connection, usually designed with gold fingers or shrapnel; The seal plays the role of dustproof and waterproof.

MBF package is relatively small, which can effectively reduce the space occupied by the circuit board and improve the integration of the circuit board. It can simplify the circuit connection and improve the stability and reliability of the product. MBF package also has good seismic performance and environmental interference resistance. When customers choose MBF packaging, the first thing to consider is the packaging size, and different application scenarios need different packaging sizes; Also pay attention to the electrical properties of the package such as impedance, voltage and current; Reliability is also a key consideration, such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and humidity resistance.

Application of MB2F

It is precisely because Hottech's MB-F packaged bridge stack MB2F has the above product characteristics that it can be applied to electronic products that need high integration, high reliability and high stability. The scenes include computers, consumer electronics, communications, power supplies and automobiles, and the specific products include motors, security monitoring equipment, sweeping robots, chargers, power supplies, LED drivers and other electronic products.

Usually, the working principle of bridge stack products is as follows: when AC electric signals are input into the bridge stack, only two diodes work at the same time in each working cycle of the bridge stack. Through the unidirectional conduction function of the diode, the bridge stack can convert alternating current into unidirectional DC pulsating voltage. When the alternating current signal is positive, two diodes are conductive, while the other two are not. When the alternating current signal is reversed, the two diodes that were previously non-conductive begin to conduct, while the two diodes that were previously conductive do not conduct. In this way, the bridge stack can convert the input AC electric signal into DC signal and output it.

In a word, MB2F is a very mature and widely used bridge reactor product. As a professional discrete device manufacturer, the bridge reactor products produced by Hottech are reliable and powerful, and the original production capacity is guaranteed, which is a good choice for our customers to purchase bridge reactor products.