The PMOS tube AO4435 encapsulated by SOP-8 can be used in LED and power switch applications.

time:2024-05-30 17:50:31  source:this site

MOS transistor is a very commonly used discrete device product. Usually, it has three pins, G, D and S. When a control signal is applied between G and S, the turn-on and turn-off between D and S can be changed. PMOS and NMOS are completely similar in structure, but the difference is the doping type of substrate and source and drain. NMOS is an N-type doped region formed by selective doping on the substrate of P-type silicon as the source and drain region of NMOS; PMOS is a P-type doped region formed by selective doping on the N-type silicon substrate as the source and drain regions of PMOS. In this issue, Heketai introduces a widely used P-channel MOS transistor AO4435, which can be used in power supply, motor drive and other applications.

Characteristics of AO4435

This product produced by Heketai has good electrical characteristics, and it has ultra-low on resistance: VDS =-30V, ID =-1A, RDS (ON) ≤ 21Ω @ VGS =-10V. Ultra-low gate charge, very large continuous leakage current, suitable for relatively large high-current applications. AO4435 transistor is excellent in current and voltage control. When the gate voltage is applied, an electric field is formed to control the conductivity of the channel, and then the drain-source current is adjusted. It has fast switching speed and high efficiency, can be used for load switching or PWM applications, has a relatively low threshold voltage, and can be turned off in low-voltage scenarios, so as to work. The specific parameters of AO4435 are -30V drain-source voltage, -25V gate-source voltage, -8A continuous drain current, 0.018Ohm drain-source on resistance, -1.7V minimum gate threshold voltage, -3V maximum gate threshold voltage, and 1.7W power dissipation.

The product adopts the surface mount form of the whole machine, and the SOP-8 packaged product has the characteristics of small volume, relatively low power consumption, high integration, high efficiency and high reliability, compact design, easy layout and welding, and excellent heat dissipation performance.

Application of AO4435

Because of the above-mentioned powerful characteristics, AO4435 tube can play its own role in power supply, motor drive, LED drive, load switch, analog switch, high efficiency switch, current regulation, PWM application and charger. AO4435 plays a role in regulating voltage and current, switching and so on in the circuit.

Taking a customer application of Heketai as an example, Heketai's AO4435 tube is widely used in power management. In the power management system, AO4435 tube is used for power switch and current adjustment. The low drain-source on-resistance makes the current loss small, and the large current tolerance plays a role in stabilizing voltage in the voltage stabilizing circuit.

In addition, AO4435 can also be used as a power switch in power supply, which plays a switching role, such as in DC-DC converter, to control the flow of current. In the motor control circuit, AO4435 can be used as the driving device of the motor, which can adjust the change of voltage and control the start, stop and speed of the motor. In the LED lighting system, AO4435 can be used as an LED driver to control the current and realize the brightness and switching of LED lamps.

AO4435 tube has very stable performance and wide application. Engineers need to have a deep understanding of its characteristics and technical specifications, so that it can play a greater role in the circuit and achieve stronger circuit performance. Welcome to consult Heketai about this product.