The linear power chip 78M05 with TO-252 package can be used in the field of power supply and LED.

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The power management chip is responsible for the transformation, distribution, detection and other power management of electric energy in the electronic equipment system, and its application range is very wide. It is of great significance to develop the power management chip to improve the performance of the whole machine. It is indispensable for the electronic system, and its performance has a direct impact on the performance of the whole machine. In this issue, Hottech introduces a linear power chip 78M05, which can be used in power supply, mobile phones, computers, batteries, cameras, small household appliances, LEDs, portable instruments and other products.

Characteristics of linear power supply chip 78M05

The output voltage of this product is 5V, the maximum output current is 500mA, the maximum input voltage is 35V, the static current is 4.2mA, the total continuous power dissipation of the whole machine is 1250mW((Ta= 25℃)), and the weight of the whole machine is about 0.055g, which is very light and convenient.

It adopts TO-252 packaging form, and the whole machine adopts surface mount technology, so the patch design occupies small space, welding is easy, production efficiency is improved, reliability is high, and heat dissipation is faster. 78M05 products have the advantages of small size, light weight, easy integration, strong voltage stabilizing ability and low voltage drop, and are widely used in power supplies, motor controllers and inverters. It has the advantages of wide input voltage range in normal operation, comprehensive circuit protection function, stable output under high load and high efficiency under low voltage difference.

The internal circuit of this product includes a switching regulator, that is, the input voltage adjusts the output voltage through a switch, and a linear regulator, that is, adjusts the output voltage to keep it stable. In addition, it also includes some additional circuits, such as short-circuit protection and overheating protection circuits, and the product is very suitable for use in power supply voltage stabilization scenarios.

Application of 78M05

As a classic linear power supply voltage stabilizing chip, it can be used to stabilize and filter DC power supply. This chip contains circuit protection function to ensure the safe and stable operation of products. This product has good stability and strong circuit protection ability.

78M05 can output the input voltage to the components of various devices very stably to ensure the stability of the devices. 78M05 is often widely used in power management circuits of electronic devices, such as power supply in LED lighting, low-voltage drop circuits in communication devices and computers.

The linear power chip 78M05 produced by Hottech.

Hottech product 78M05 integrated circuit has been verified in the client for a long time, the product is stable, reliable and practical, and the application scenario has passed many times. This integrated circuit product can not only be used as a fixed output voltage source, but also output other voltages and currents required by the circuit if it is equipped with suitable peripheral electronic components. In practical application, engineers need to choose the most suitable chip according to the scene, product parameters and application requirements to give full play to the best performance of the circuit.

The power management chip has great practicability and wide application. It can improve the power density of power supply, prolong the battery life, reduce electromagnetic interference, enhance the integrity of power supply and signal, and improve the security of the system. It has a very broad prospect. If you are interested in this product, please contact customer service for consultation.