Application of Discrete Devices in Intelligent Door Lock Products

time:2024-06-14 17:10:00  source:this site

Smart door locks have gradually become standard products in many residential areas, which are more convenient and intelligent in terms of user safety, identification and management. Smart door locks require many electronic components, among which discrete device products are the basic configuration of smart door locks. In this issue, Hottech will explain the application of diode products in hotel smart door locks.

Take hotel smart locks as an example. Smart locks are usually input circuits, which are used to receive users' passwords and instructions, control circuits, judge and process input instructions, control unlocking actions, communication circuits, realize connection and control with mobile phones and other devices through wireless communication, and power circuits. Generally, lithium batteries are used to supply power to the system. Its specific functional modules may include main control chip, antenna module, WIFI/BT/NB-IOT communication module, display module, speaker, buzzer, indicator light, motor, battery, driver, fingerprint collector, touch keyboard, NFC and so on.

The discrete devices produced by Hottech have been widely used in hotel smart lock products. Their functions are mainly rectification, voltage detection, circuit protection, etc. They are mainly used in basic circuits to assist system function realization and low power design. Hotel smart locks usually include power management and detection circuits, anti-reflection circuits and small signal control circuits. The main products used in the power management and detection circuit are transistors S8050, MMBT3904, BC817, S9013 and S9014, MOS transistors SI2301, SI2309 and AO3401, and the main products used in the power detection circuit are diodes 1N4148, 1N4001, BAV99, transistors S8050, MMBT3904 and MMT. The main products used in the anti-reflection circuit are Schottky diode, 1N5817, SS14, BAT54, MOS transistors SI2301, SI2302, AO3401, 2N7002, and the main products used in the small signal control circuit are transistors S8050, S8550, MMBT3904, BC807, BC817 and MOS transistors SI2301, N27002.

The domestic smart door lock industry has low penetration rate and huge market space, and the future industry development will gradually mature. At present, the products on the market are very diversified, with many functions of unlocking, security and humanization, and different user needs, which is a feature for product development and component purchase. Security smart lock is a product with high technical gold content in the lock industry, which requires high quality, safety, stability and endurance. For discrete device manufacturers, the brand, stability and reliability of the product are very important, so choosing the right product is the most suitable.