Hottech Classic Discrete Devices and Integrated Circuit Products

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Discrete devices play a very important role in electronic products. As a company specializing in the manufacture of discrete devices, Hottech produces many types of discrete devices, including diodes, triodes, MOS tubes and bridge stacks. In this issue, we recommend several classic discrete device products of Hottech for your reference.

MB10F is an ultra-thin patch rectifier bridge reactor produced by Hottech Dongguan Factory. It has the characteristics of stability, reliability, low forward voltage drop and low reverse leakage current. The DC reverse voltage is 1000V, the forward current is 0.5/0.8/1A, the forward surge current is 25A, the reverse current is 5μA, and the direct voltage is 1/1.1/1.1V, with a weight of about 0.13g.. It can be widely used in various power systems, LED drivers, small household appliances, industrial control, computer equipment, televisions, power collection and adapters.

SS24L produced by Hottech has the characteristics of high efficiency and short reverse recovery time. Its DC reverse voltage is 40V, forward current 2A, forward surge current 50A, reverse current 0.5μA, direct voltage 0.5V, and the weight of the whole machine is about 0.0155g.. The forward voltage drop of this product is very low, which is suitable for low-power products sensitive to power consumption. SS24L has its unique product advantages in over-voltage protection applications, low-voltage high-frequency inverters, polarity protection applications and other fields. SS24L can be used in frequency converters, rectifiers, power tools, power supplies, chargers, voltage regulators, inverters, microwave communication and other applications.

The 1N5819WS diode produced by Hottech has the characteristics of fast recovery time, low voltage drop, reliability and small size. Its DC reverse voltage is 40V, forward current is 1A, forward surge current is 25A, reverse current is 1000μA, direct voltage is 0.6V, and dissipation power is 500mW. This product has a low direct voltage and is suitable for low-power circuits. The surface mount equipment of the whole machine is small in size, and it is also suitable for low-voltage environment. The reverse recovery time of 1N5819WS is extremely short, which can be applied to high frequency circuits. It plays an important role in rectifier circuit, switching circuit, pulse circuit, aftercurrent protection circuit, filter circuit, etc. The products can be used in switching power supply, voltage regulator, inverter, power tool, frequency converter, fast charging, radio frequency device and other applications.

AO3416 is an N-channel enhanced field effect transistor, which has the characteristics of low on-resistance, low static power consumption and high switching speed. AO3416 produced by Hottech has excellent product characteristics, its drain-source voltage is 20V, its gate-source voltage is 8V, its continuous drain current is 6.5A, its drain-source on-resistance is 0.022Ω, its minimum gate threshold voltage is 0.4V, its maximum gate threshold voltage is 1.1V, its dissipation power is 1400 mW, and its weight is about 0.008 g.. AO3416 can work at low voltage, especially suitable for module circuit design in low voltage and medium current applications, including power management, lighting modules and various portable devices, and can be used in power supply, BMS, wireless communication systems, automotive electronics, LED lighting and other fields.

FL8205 produced by Hottech has excellent product characteristics. It adopts N+N channel, with drain-source voltage of 20V, gate-source voltage of ±4.5V, continuous drain current of 6A, drain-source on-resistance of 0.025Ohm, minimum gate threshold voltage of 0.5V, maximum gate threshold voltage of 1V and dissipation power of 1500mW. This bridge reactor has the characteristics of low internal resistance and low driving voltage. FL8205 is small in size, high in integration, powerful in performance and high in reliability, which allows customers to realize more product functions in a very limited space. It is widely used in tablet computers, mobile phones, portable audio equipment, televisions, cameras, game consoles, wireless routers, base stations, modems, sensor equipment, instruments and monitors.

HKT4056E produced by Hottech is a complete CC (constant current) /CV (constant voltage) linear charger integrated circuit product, which is suitable for a single lithium-ion battery. It is a product specially designed to work within the USB power supply specification. Inside HKT4056E is a P-MOSFET architecture, which does not need external sense resistors or blocking diodes. Blocking diodes generally refer to diodes in clamping protection circuits. In single-chip switching power supply, ultrafast recovery diode is generally used as blocking diode, and blocking diode is used together with clamping diode (TVS) in primary protection circuit. HKT4056E has excellent product performance, and the product is stable and reliable. It can be used in mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, charging devices, charging stands and wearable products.

Hottech Dongguan factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, and the production line has nearly 1,000 sets of production equipment, effectively improving the production efficiency of the production line. Hottech has accumulated rich core technologies in circuit design, semiconductor device and process design, reliability design, etc., and has a number of national invention patents and utility model patents, etc. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and other system certifications and continued training. Hottech products are rich and reliable in quality. Welcome to our company to discuss cooperation.