Guangdong Hottech Industrial Co., Ltd. won the national "high-tech enterprise" recognition.

时间:2024-03-15 14:54:19来源:本站

Recently, Guangdong Hottech Industrial Co., Ltd. has been successfully recognized as a national "high-tech enterprise", which fully embodies Hottech's professional strength and innovation ability in the semiconductor field and is of great significance to the company.

High-tech enterprises are resident enterprises that continuously carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements in high-tech fields supported by the state, form core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out production and business activities on this basis. The accreditation of national high-tech enterprises is the recognition of Guangdong Hottech's core technology and innovation ability, and it is an important milestone for Hottech to persist in scientific and technological innovation.

As the most important factory of Hottech Group, Guangdong Hottech Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, located in Puxin Lake, Tangxia, Dongguan, covering an area of more than 15,000 square meters, mainly engaged in packaging, testing and OEM of integrated circuits and discrete devices. As the main production base, the current production line has nearly 1000 sets of production equipment, and the factory has advanced laboratories. In 2023, the company's annual production capacity will exceed 10 billion pieces.

In the future, Guangdong Hottech will continue to adhere to technological innovation, intensify research on semiconductor technology, further optimize the scientific and technological innovation system, break through key core technologies in the semiconductor field, and become the top scientific and technological innovation enterprise in the industry.