MOS tube IRLML6402 is used in power supply, motor control and LED lighting.

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PMOS refers to an N-type substrate and a P-channel MOS tube that carries current by the flow of holes. Because PMOS is an N-type silicon substrate, most carriers are electrons and minority carriers are holes, and the doping type of the source and drain regions is P-type, the working condition of PMOS is to apply a negative voltage to the source on the gate, while the movable positive hole and the depletion layer with fixed positive charge are induced on the substrate. When the strong inversion is reached, under the action of negative drain-source voltage relative to the source, the positive charge holes at the source reach the drain through the conductive P-channel, forming a source-drain current from the source to the drain. The more negative VGS is (the greater the absolute value), the smaller the on-resistance of the channel and the larger the current value. In this issue, Hottech introduces a P-channel MOS transistor IRLML6402, which is widely used in voltage regulator, switching circuit, power supply, voltage regulation, intelligent sphygmomanometer, intelligent household appliances and so on.

Characteristics of IRLML6402

This product produced by Hottech is a low-voltage MOS transistor, which has good electrical characteristics. IRLML6402 has ultra-low on-resistance. The MOS transistor can be turned on and off quickly, and its stability and reliability are very good. It is made of P-channel, with drain-source voltage of -20V, gate-source voltage of+-12 V, continuous drain current of -3.7A, drain-source on-resistance of 0.065Ω, minimum gate threshold voltage of -0.4V, maximum gate threshold voltage of -1.2V and dissipation power of 1300mW. IRLML6402 has excellent conductivity and extremely fast response. The weight of the whole machine is about 0.008 g, which is very light. These properties make IRLML6402 have good performance in MOS transistor driving circuit, switching circuit and voltage stabilizing circuit.

This product adopts SOT-23 package, which is a very small surface mount package. SOT23 package has compact size, good heat dissipation performance, durability and high work efficiency, which provides engineers with more flexibility. It is highly adaptable and widely used in Internet of Things equipment, power supply, home appliances, Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, tablets and other fields. The size of SOT23 package is very small, which is suitable for circuit design in limited space. IRLML6402 has three pins, which are used to connect the electrical and mechanical connections of the device.

SOT23 package adopts SMT technology, and its pins are directly soldered to the surface of printed circuit board without passing through holes. This design simplifies the manufacturing process and helps to improve production efficiency. The heat dissipation performance is good, and the packaging design of IRLML6402 allows the device to dissipate heat outside the package, which helps to reduce the temperature and improve the stability of the device. In a word, IRLML6402 is a stable and reliable low-voltage MOS transistor, which has the functions of switching, amplification, voltage regulation and circuit protection.

Application of IRLML6402

Hottech's product is fully functional, powerful and stable, and can play a key role in various MOS circuits. IRLML6402 has many applications in the fields of voltage regulator, power supply, smart home appliances, motor control, LED lighting, wearable devices, portable electronic devices, photovoltaic power generation and so on. For example, the fast switching characteristics of IRLML6402 make it play an important role in MOS switching circuits. The important leakage current of IRLML6402 can be 3.7A, and the conduction resistance is extremely low. This performance enables it to work efficiently while maintaining low heat loss, high energy efficiency and reducing the system cost of the overall design. In the aspect of battery management, the use of IRLML6402 can obviously prolong the battery life and improve the comprehensive performance of battery equipment.

Taking the application of IRLML6402 in dual power supply switching circuit as an example, in photovoltaic power generation application, the integrated circuit has built an embedded system power supply, and added intelligent charging control chip, maximum power tracking, dual power supply switching function, MOS tube, etc. to the traditional photovoltaic power generation system, so as to maximize the service life of the battery, greatly improve the efficiency of power supply and enhance the stability of the system.

The dual power switching circuit as shown above includes a charging circuit and a discharging circuit, and the charging control circuit controls the gate voltage of the field effect transistor by using an optocoupler. When the control level of the charging control port as shown in the figure is low, the optocoupler TLP521-1 is turned on, and the gate level is low, and the MOS tube IRLML6402 is turned on, otherwise, the MOS tube is turned off, thus achieving the effect of controlling the charging voltage output by the solar panel voltage to charge the battery. In the application of discharge control circuit, it uses optocoupler to control the gate voltage of the field effect transistor. When the control level of the discharge port as shown in the figure is low, the optocoupler is turned on, the gate level is low, and the MOS tube is turned on, otherwise the MOS tube is turned off, thus achieving the effect of controlling the battery output voltage.

As a classic and practical MOS tube product, IRLML6402 is a typical product that engineers need to know in detail. Hottech suggested that before purchasing IRLML6402 components, customers need to know the specifications of their products and determine the specifications of IRLML6402 components you need to meet the requirements of the project. Choose a stable supplier and do a good job in brand evaluation. Determine the supplier's IRLML6402 performance and supply status. As a professional manufacturer of MOS tube products, IRLML6402 of Hottech has undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure the stability and reliability of the products.