Characteristics and application scenarios of high voltage MOS transistor

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As a commonly used discrete device product, MOS transistor's main function is to convert the change of input voltage into the change of output current. It is composed of source, drain and gate, and can be divided into N-channel and P-channel field effect transistors due to the different doping of the substrate. It mainly controls the current between the source and the drain by controlling the voltage of the gate, thus realizing the switching function.

High-voltage MOS transistor usually needs a large gate voltage, so that MOS transistor can withstand high voltage and high current. By adjusting the voltage between the gate and the source, the switching control of the high voltage MOS tube can be realized. Compared with ordinary MOS tubes, high voltage MOS tubes need to withstand higher voltage and current. The structure of high-voltage MOS tube is similar to that of ordinary MOS tube, which consists of a P-type substrate, an N-type drain, an N-type source and a P-type gate. High-voltage MOS transistor can be used in high-voltage circuit, which has high voltage endurance and low switching loss, so it has been widely used in high-voltage circuit.

First, the characteristics and working principle of high voltage MOS transistor

The core of high-voltage MOS tube is its special MOS structure. The characteristics of high-voltage MOS tube, such as wide channel area, large drain area and special gate technology, make it able to withstand high voltage. When direct voltage is applied to the grid, a channel connecting the source and the drain by a conductive channel is formed, so that the tube is conducted; When a reverse voltage is applied to the gate, a conductive path will not be formed and the tube will be turned off.

There are two types of high voltage MOS transistors: N-channel type and P-channel type. N-channel MOS transistor is mainly used in high-side applications such as load switch and motor drive. P-channel MOS transistor is mainly used for forward high voltage switching, high current and other applications. A small amount of dopants are also introduced into the channel region of high voltage MOS tube to improve its voltage tolerance and conduction ability.

The performance characteristics of high voltage MOS transistor include:

1. Low cut-off loss: electric field control is adopted, with fast cut-off speed and low cut-off loss.

2. Fast switching speed: It has capacitance effect, so it is fast switching speed and can meet the requirements of high-frequency switching.

3. High voltage endurance: Because the insulating layer is introduced between the gate and the channel, it can withstand higher voltage.

4, small conduction loss: because the channel is used for conduction, the conduction resistance is small, so the conduction loss is also small.

Second, the application scenarios of high-voltage MOS transistors

It is precisely because of the characteristics of high frequency, low on-loss, low on-resistance, high voltage resistance and high switching speed that high-voltage MOS tubes are widely used in many fields, including inverters, frequency converters, servo drivers, motor drives, PLC controllers, high-performance AC power supplies, pulse power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, frequency modulation, switching regulators, power factor correction devices, power converters, power factor correction devices, LED lighting systems, and so on.

In addition to the above mainstream applications, equivalent circuit model is an important means to analyze high-voltage MOS devices, which can reflect the static and dynamic characteristics of high-voltage MOS devices and be embedded in circuit simulation software for designers of high-voltage integrated circuits. This is of great significance to promote the development of the design and preparation industry of high and low voltage compatible MOS integrated circuits.

The specific parameters and performance of high-voltage MOS tubes may be different for different manufacturers and models. Therefore, when selecting and using high-voltage MOS transistors, it is recommended to refer to relevant technical documents and data manuals to ensure that they meet specific application requirements.

As an original factory specializing in R&D, production and manufacturing of discrete devices such as MOS tubes, the high-voltage MOS tubes produced by Hottech have the characteristics of high withstand voltage, fast switching speed, high frequency, low loss, high working efficiency and stable and reliable products.

For example, Hottech adopts 4N60, a high-voltage MOS tube product packaged by TO-220. This product is made of N-channel, with the maximum withstand voltage of 600V and the maximum drain current of 4A, which can be used in most high-voltage and high-current application scenarios. The drain-source on-resistance is 2.5 ohms. It has the characteristics of fast switching time, low grid charge, low on-state resistance and high avalanche breakdown. This high-power MOS is usually used at high speed, such as switching power supply application, PWM motor control, efficient DC-DC converter and bridge circuit. TO-220 package is an in-line package with strong heat dissipation and performance.

There is also a high-voltage MOS tube product packaged with TO-252. This power MOS tube has good heat dissipation performance, stable and reliable products, small space occupied by patch design, easy installation, high working efficiency and low thermal resistance, and the products should be widely used to meet the needs of high-power applications.

The HKTD4N65 tube produced by Hottech is a power MOS tube made of N-channel. It has very good electrical properties, and the maximum withstand voltage reaches 650V, which can meet most product applications. The maximum gate-source voltage is ±30V, the continuous drain current (also called the maximum drain-source current) 4A, the drain-source on-resistance rds (on) 2.22ω, the minimum gate threshold voltage (turn-on voltage) 2V, the maximum gate threshold voltage 4V, and the maximum dissipated power 23.1mW. HKTD4N65 adopts high-density battery design, which has excellent stability and uniformity. The product is made by special technology, which has good heat dissipation and stable and powerful performance. It has high switching speed, high withstand voltage characteristics, low gate charge to minimize conduction loss, good conductivity, minimum switching loss, all characteristics of avalanche voltage and current, and small size design is suitable for many electronic products.

This HKTD4N65 can be used in power tools, PD fast charging, power supply, drivers, motor controllers, frequency converters, adapters, inverters, battery protection boards, smart plug, intelligent sweeping robots and other products.

In addition to several classic high-voltage MOS tube products listed above, Hottech has many other widely used high-voltage MOS tubes with stable performance. Welcome to contact Hottech for customer service consultation, and welcome your call at any time.