What is the working principle and internal structure of smart watches?

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As a fashion item, traditional watches have relatively simple functions. With the emergence of smart watches, not only a variety of rich and diverse functions meet the needs of users, but also the appearance of fashionable design is very popular with users. Smart watches are outstanding in health tracking, sports records, daily reminders, etc., and now they have become a classic consumer electronic product in many people's lives. What are the components of a smart watch and how it works? In this issue, Heketai takes you familiar with it.

1, the working principle of smart watches.

Smart watch is a system that integrates hardware and software. It mainly relies on various sensors to collect user activity and physiological data, and connects with smart phones or other devices through wireless communication technology to synchronize and push messages, emails, telephone calls and other information, while providing health management, sports tracking, payment and other services.

The sensor built in the data acquisition department can acquire the user's sports data and health data in real time, and the data processor processes and calculates the data acquired by the sensor, and transforms the original data into useful information with the support of algorithms and models. The data display screen shows the processed data to the user in the form of graphics or text. Users can interact through touch screen or knob operation, select different functions or view different information. The built-in communication module can be connected with mobile phones or other devices to transmit data through Bluetooth or WIFI. Most of the power supply parts are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.

2. Components in smart watches

Smart watch includes data acquisition part, data processing part, data display part, data transmission part, power supply part and communication module. The hardware consists of a processor, which is its core component and is responsible for running various functions and applications of the watch to ensure the normal work of the watch. The memory is used to store users' personal data, applications, system files, etc. Operating system is its software platform, which is responsible for managing and controlling hardware, installing and running applications, and interacting with interfaces. The display screen usually adopts LCD screen or OLED screen to display time, information, sports data and so on. The display screen is equipped with LED drive and boost circuit to drive and control the screen. Built-in acceleration sensor, gyroscope, heart rate sensor and other sensors.

Smart watches have built-in communication modules such as Bluetooth and WIFI, which can be connected with mobile phones or other devices to realize data transmission and sharing. The battery part includes the protection board circuit, which is responsible for the overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection of the battery. The battery charging management chip carries out independent management of charging and discharging, and realizes reverse boosting and protection functions.

For smart watches, wearable devices, the application requirements of components in smart watches are low power consumption, stability, compactness, safety, energy saving, etc. Discrete device products need to be designed to be more compact, powerful and intelligent in order to meet the needs of smart wear customers.

According to the application cases of Heketai customers, Heketai's application products on smart watches include zener diode BZT52C5V1, Schottky diode BAT54CW, MOS tube AO3400 and so on. For example, AO3400 is widely used in smart watches, and it adopts SOT-23 package. This compact package size makes it possible for the miniaturization design of smart watches, and it also has the powerful performance of low conductance and high speed switching. It can be used as an efficient switch in the battery management circuit of the watch to protect the battery.

Heketai has been working hard in the field of smart watches for a long time, and many products have been verified by customers and mass-produced. Welcome to consult.